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  1. The reason I dont like gay pride is because it’s stupid. I don’t see straight people going around announcing they are straight? I don’t understand why there needs to be a gay pride month, it’s totally useless and stupid.

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    2. Voxy


      Oh, hey, another "not as bad as" argument with a sprinkle of "they want privileges over everyone else".

    3. EnderSculptor



      I don't think gays want to be considered 'superior' to other people.

      Where the heck did you get that from?


      I think they're slightly worse off compared to staights.

      It's a real, but quite small, issue.


      Not as bad as what?


      okay lol

    4. Voxy


      @EnderSculptor That's just one of the names of the fallacy, it's basically saying "it's not as bad as something else" when you want to dismiss a stance you don't agree with. 😛 

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