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  1. Hmmm dont mind me I am just looking for attention and just checking some new things

    1. ThatGuyBrian


      howdy there, mr "just looking for attention and just checking some new things", how are you doing today?

  2. Hi people.. Any new discoveries in MI ? or something new ?

    1. NotAn...


      Nope ;-;



  3. i gotta say i miss this community ;)

  4. Hi Im new How to Mine-imator plz Tach mi 

    1. Cybernetic Cinema

      Cybernetic Cinema

      *Checks rep* LIEZ!!!

    2. Dannyboi


      I could help you a bit dude.

  5. move this topic ? to mine-imator help
  6. Im back ._. 425 notification tho plus broke my pc again 

  7. leihrod


    when this guy didnt knew he is one of the best rigger on the forums
  8. leihrod


    nice one darl again with another new rig :v pretty great
  9. leihrod

    Sound Bug after Crash

    Pics? of the crash ?
  10. leihrod


    Edited: 1. ok for me Unedited: 1. Fix not to download (';-:) 2. rotate the sun where it is focusing 3. Fix the posing them 5. its Ambient occlusion on the settings
  11. leihrod

    Diffrent bending parts

    Mr.cat and gascreeper did the rig but hard to use bending sideways
  12. 1.Dont trust me 2.only can build dirt houses 3. likes griefing ps i dont obey staffs 4.banned 20 times
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