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  1. Oh, gosh, it's been a while... Are galleries still a thing? I'm trying to find some old art, for nostalgia's sake ^^

    1. tditdatdwt


      I don't think that was a thing, you'll have to check topics, I think you put a bunch of stuff in your about me though

    2. Ethaniel


      She lives. Ain't that something. 

    3. Slime


      Well would you look what the cat dragged in. How ya been?

  2. Hey y'all! It's been a little while. Doubt many of you will remember me by now. Anyways, you're not forgetten and I love you all ♡

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    2. Nimi


      A lot has changed. ?

    3. tditdatdwt


      Am I included? 8D

    4. MikTRF


      I didn't exist when you were here... Anyways welcome back, and happy birthday.

  3. Happy Boxing Day to me, and Merry Christmas to all you time-laggers out there!

    1. Super_Mario_Sega
    2. Dannyboi


      Just became boxing day 57 minutes ago.

    3. Zeno


      Merry Christmas, ocey :>

  4. While I'm still lurking: Miss ya.

  5. beep boop crash

  6. Dear GoT fans,

    I'll be sure to hold the door from now on. 

    Sincerely, Oce

    1. Zeno



      i love geoffrey's old tomatoes



  7. Calling all nerds. I need some controversial political opinions and history knowledge STAT. Google's done me no favours, the west obviously doesn't want us to know what horrible things it's done, so I'm calling on you, @Frossa, it's your time to shine. Justify why terrorism is justifiable and gimme IS's motives as well as an example of when America has brutally slaughtered thousands for no reason. I DARE you.

    you also get a cookie 



  8. Not so much anymore. Maybe it was wrong to go as far as to say 'cancer', but I discredit poor roleplay - which I'm guilty of, unfortunately - and these particular categories boop all the cliches on the snout! The work is there, it just needs brushing up.
  9. Nice images, but this post was cancer. The title alone screams cringe.
  10. Oi, Elven? Please don't burn.

    1. Archon


      I don't live that far north. All my family up there evacuated. Nobody died during those fires, actually.

    2. Ocelot


      Oh thank god. I was worried out of my mind. Stay safe, ya sod!

  11. I can't describe how happy this made me! Brought a real smile to my face, man, brilliant work
  12.  making fudge:

    >accidently puts lemon instead of vanilla essence

    >burns sugar

    >burns hand on pot

    >doesn't pour the syrup fast enough, it sticks to the pot

    >spills cocoa all  over the bench

    >drops knife on foot

    I think that's enough for one day.

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    2. Emaniplex


      I can't cook without my mother ten inches from me and two huge oven mitts at all times.  :facepalm:

    3. Zeno


      im a master chef

  13. >TFW your mother gives you the fakest smile ever while you're in public and you KNOW there's gonna be hell as soon as you're alone

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Archon


      Double public execution pls

    3. Voxy


      Kiss him, and maintain eye contact. Assert dominance.

    4. Ocelot


      Don't worry, Payne, I'm eternally grateful, it'll be the least I can do. :D

  14. It's good, but very dark... try adding a light that appears to come from the moon, or in front of the wolves.
  16. Oh my... That title is just... NO
  17. Can I get a HOO-RAH from the people?

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    2. Skjold


      (fus) ROO-DAH!!!!


    3. Shah


      Sadly humans, by nature, are disobedient. 


    4. tditdatdwt
  18. It is impossibly difficult to write poetry in a language you don't speak - especially when that poetry is binded by syllable count.

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    2. ClockworkVisuals


      Well then X, looks like we learned something new about you...

    3. Ocelot


       ばか を だまれ

      #ごめん なさい, しません ごめん なさい



    4. Ocelot
  19. Woah, slow down, I haven't signed up for anything. I'll contribute once I see fit.
  20. Hmm... digital is hard, but if you'd like me to create something on noteblock studio, it could be a piece of cake. I'd want to see the quality of this production and make sure there's something to create for, since music is the LAST component of a game. I will not give out my Skype.
  21. What would happen if you told a Mr. Meeseeks to die? They exist only to fulfil a purpose and can only die after they fulfil their purpose. They can only die AFTER they've died. 

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    2. toaster1


      Searched up Mr. Meeseeks, found this


      I'm scared

    3. Dannyboi


      Well they would physically die and then their souls would die

    4. MustardBlock
  22. Quick channel update: 'Do You Feel It' - by Chaos Chaos will definitely have to be covered at some point. @ElvenShot promised Sabaton is still in the works, and, believe it or not - @CoolElf was it? - Fat Bottomed Girls. Hey, I didn't forget either of you. ;)

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    2. Ocelot
    3. Dannyboi


      Wow. Didnt know you had YT

      And there you are playing cool stuff on a piano like the Eddsworld theme and im just playing stuff on an emulator like Donkey Kong Country from 1994 just to give my main fan base of 25+ year olds nostalgia vomit. In fact you have inspired me to spend more work on my series: Retro Nostalgia Vomit

    4. CoolElf


      Yeah, it was that, I honestly thought you would forget it and see it as a joke xD

  23. So... are you Pixy and Voxy's ship, or...?

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    2. Vixel


      @Nicolasev Thanks man, Thanks. Still recovering.

    3. Mafa Animations

      Mafa Animations

      came out of the butt?

      your mom must of had a bad time xD

    4. Voxy
  24. There is a walnut covered in what I can only assume to be honey sitting on the table. It clicks and chirps whenever I go near it.

  25. Calm down kiddies, EVERYBODY is a weeb.
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