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  1. with cant be done do you meean cant be added? because you can do this with folders and stuff. and if it cant be added, why would you still want to get it added even if you know it cant be
  2. gives -reps on anyone who has a different opinion then them or even is unsided in a debate. because its not on his side


    >goes to profile
    >-35 reputation


  3. k im gonna jump like its not that we hate it because its fortnite. we pretty much hate it because it feels like a invasion of our *AMAZING* (sarcasm) community, like. why not make a fortnite animation which isnt blended in with mine imator. fortnite people will think: oh wow minecraft lol dislike. we think: oh wow fortnite lol dislike. because our community hates games that get hella popular with bad communities, its a weird decision to make a fortnite animation in minecraft form. both communities would think its kinda odd. so that turns it into this non-likeable thing i bet it would be better if you made a fortnite animation which actually represents fortnite, and not minecraft with fortnite-like characters etc. way more people would enjoy that. that said you would need to use a different program for that, like blender, cinema 4d, maya, or make a machinima in-game..
  4. china: One of us... One of us... ONE OF US hong kong: no plz stop china: ONE OF US... *ONE OF US*
  5. Serbia not stronk rofl

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      Hello, GamersOnVideos

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      I was waiting...

  6. needs textures and a different name it doesnt resemble a a-10 in any way. it just has a big gun
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