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  1. EnderSculptor

    Wallpaper - Armed and dangerous [2k]

    load yer gun, batman
  2. EnderSculptor

    I hate it when..

    oh lol my cousin was playing google feud earlier today
  3. EnderSculptor

    SKS Animating

    oh hey you got a youtube channel also nice work
  4. EnderSculptor

    The Modelbench Armory

    latest update:6/6/2018 at 2:50 PM Mountain Time I present to you the Modelbench Armory, the ultimate (probably) source for all your gun model needs. Pretty much the same idea as ÜberKiller's Mine-Imator armory but it looks a lot different in visual style and it's models instead of rigs Here's how it works: -You suggest gun models (any gun, including ones from video games)- -I make them- -And they come with sounds and cartridges and info documents- All the guns currently availible: M2 Browning: M134 Minigun: Lewis gun: M1911 pistol: AK-47: RPG-7 [AmazingWolfGamer}: USP Match (Includes alternate skin!): SR-556 [Slime]: MP5A3: M1928 Thompson [Pigeon_]: Chaingun (From DOOM) [hamdan ihsan]: SPAS-12: Luger P08: M16 [Slime]: Glock 17 [Foxtrot0806]: Kriss Vector [YoshiHunter]: Colt Python [MachineGunInc]: Guns planned: MSBS [Slime] SA80 [Slime] Neptune's pitol (Hyperdimension Neptunia) [hamdan ihsan] Laser Rifle (Terraria) [hamdan ihsan] DEMP 2 (Star Wars:Jedi Knight II) [YoshiHunter] AR2 (Half-Life 2) [Chirp] FAMAS [Stolderan] Plasma Cutter (Dead Space) [HeYoNia] Winchester SXP Marine [Slime] Pulse Pistols (Overwatch) [MikTRF] DC-17 hand blaster (Star Wars) [OzFalcon] Submachine gun (Fortnite) [Red Riptide] Battle Rifle (Halo) [YoshiHunter] Desert Eagle [willingsas] StG 44 Mosberg 590 Shockwave PGM Hécate II Striker (Hitman) [Mr.Matt] Armsel Striker [hamdan ihsan] M5 Carbine [BladerInc] Double barrel shotgun [BladerInc] Barrett M87 [Chirp] Ray gun (multiple cod games) [ZombieGuildford] Toy guns, etc: Nerf Vortex Proton [YoshiHunter] Nerf TriStike [Twotorule] Nerf Rapidstike [Twotorule] Nerf Mega Mastodon [MikTRF] So, I think that wraps it up. If you have any requests, please comment and I'll get on it ASAP. kthanksbye
  5. america is the best country people



    you cant argue otherwise becauase its the 4th of july

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    2. tditdatdwt


      How offensive

    3. MYSELF3200


      Wait are you the same birb that tried to eat my garden

    4. EnderSculptor





      im america eagle bird

  6. If you could describe the forums in one word, what would it be? bepis
  7. EnderSculptor

    The Modelbench Armory

    On the early demonatrations? Those were made before 1.1.4 even came out. new bends ftw lol
  8. EnderSculptor

    Versions of Mine-imator

    The reason I voted 1.1.4 is because it simply has the most features and is the most updated.
  9. EnderSculptor

    Dev update #13: 1.2 feature gallery

    how the hell looks too good to be true omg wow
  10. just submitted pretty good survey
  11. EnderSculptor

    July 2017 animation test

    That's pretty damn nice. Also, welcome back to the forums! (yes i do remember what happened in october 2014 it still hurts me inside to this day)
  12. EnderSculptor

    Seven Nation Army - Just Shapes and Beats!!!

    Fantastic work! heres some pros and cons pros: -seven nation army -well made cons: -the weird cutting was a bit painful overall it was a fantastic/10
  13. EnderSculptor

    Carry on the story {Game}

  14. What will the next Xbox be?


    -Xbox 420

    -Xbox Two



    please vote and ill see which one wins at e3 2020 or something

    1. Jake_28


      I vote box

    2. mbanders



    3. YoshiHunter
  15. EnderSculptor

    Mineshaft in a Ravine (Wallpaper)

    Looks nice, but I think the lighting needs to be changed. Mine-Imator likes to make bright enough lighting green-ish for some reason, as you can see on this wallpaper. Maybe try to decrease that or make it so that the lighting doesn't overlap.
  16. It's a dang good soundtrack. Also, I updated my comment with my actual thoughts.
  17. Okay, I have barely started the video but I already love how you used the Black Mesa OST for those beginning notes. Alright, here's my thoughts: Pros: -Well animated, and the camera work was exellent. -Black Mesa OST. -Neat story, I liked the ending. -And the editing was nice but you didn't do it so you don't get credit for that. Cons: -During the actual fight Joel Nielsen's brilliant music was replaced by generic fight animation music. -barely any scenery what the hell fight animations you look so boring visually Overall: I liked the story and it was amazingly animated, but the lack of scenery held it back visually. 8/10 would black mesa ost again
  18. EnderSculptor

    1.9+ Combat

    i think 1.9 was a pretty good update 1.9/2 would update again
  19. EnderSculptor

    jump in the cacc

    this meme has finally reached the MI forums
  20. EnderSculptor

    Attack On Titan | Anti-Titan Artillery Rig *From manga*

    I don't watch anime much, and I certainly haven't seen AOT, but that's a damn fine field gun.
  21. EnderSculptor

    Axel MCSM Season 2

    me me big boy
  22. EnderSculptor

    New Part in Mine-imator Creations List

    That's a good idea.
  23. EnderSculptor

    Movable Pixels Block Rig

    holy heck take my like and keep it
  24. this is what youtube was meant for

    1. ziyadkhalq



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