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  1. My newest topic

    *pumps shotgun* No fad on mah forums!
  2. The Modelbench Armory

    THE MODELBENCH ARMORY last update:4/19/2018 at 3:05 am Mountain Time I present to you the Modelbench Armory, the ultimate (probably) source for all your gun model needs. Pretty much the same idea as ÜberKiller's Mine-Imator armory but it looks a lot different in visual style and it's models instead of rigs Here's how it works: -You sugguest gun models (any gun, including ones from video games)- -I make them- -And they come with sounds and cartridges and info documents- All the guns currently availible: M2 Browning: M134 Minigun: Lewis gun: M1911 pistol: AK-47: RPG-7 [AmazingWolfGamer}: USP Match (Includes alternate skin!): SR-556 [Slime]: Guns planned: MP5A3 SPAS-12 M16 [Slime] MSBS [Slime] SA80 [Slime] Neptune's pitol (Hyperdimension Neptunia) [hamdan ihsan] Chaingun (Doom 1993) [hamdan ihsan] Laser Rifle (Terraria) [hamdan ihsan] DEMP 2 (Star Wars:Jedi Knight II) [YoshiHunter] Kriss Vector [YoshiHunter] AR2 (Half-Life 2) [Chirp] Glock 17 [Foxtrot0806] M1928 Thompson SMG [Pigeon] Colt Python [MachineGunInc] P08 Luger FAMAS [Stolderan] So, I think that wraps it up. If you have any requests, please comment and I'll get on it ASAP. kthanksbye
  3. The Modelbench Armory

    hell yeah boi
  4. 1st wallpaper remake

    The old one was, well, a first wallpaper. The new one looks nice from what I can see, but is way too dark, to the point of being unable to see much of anything on my monitor's full brightness.
  5. YM Rig V1.1

    Are we seeing a revival of unique and interesting character rigs?!? I thought character rigs were a dead rig type only done by idiots, but no. There are new and unique ones coming out again. Oh, also great work. This is better than SFR by a mile. don't tell skibbz i said that
  6. Help

    Don't overestimate your abilty, you just started. In 2016, I made an animation called "end city", and I thought it was great at the time, but nowadays it hurts me just to watch, as I'm no longer wearing the rose tinted glasses of "HOLY CRAP I MADE THIS AND IT'S 3 MINUTES LONG WOOOO". And I think even beginners should be criticized, as it'll help them improve. You're already way better than I was when I started, but that doesn't mean much. Take your time on animations, and take a dislike as "I need to improve my skills" not "This evil person hates my perfect animation". If you just stop taking downrep as a personal insult, then you'll be much faster at improving. All the time spent on complaining could have been used to improve your animation skills. And the better your animations are, the less downvotes you'll get. sorry i might have made this kinda repetetive.
  7. Oh, hey. I just turned 13 today and with that, I've now had a M-I forums account for 4 years. I thought that maybe I should remake my first topic posted on this site, so here: the unedited: the ultrawide version: the crappy original from april 14th 2014: also i know its a lame idea for a wallpaper but its 8 and 9 year old me's fault for being overly obsessed with endermen kthanksbye
  8. PPS Face Rig

    Oh hey, there's a face rig actually worth praising for once! Good job, you made something good out of an oversaturated genre.
  9. The Modelbench Armory

    Another update, added the SR-556 (it's an AR-15 style, this one was chosen to differentiate it from the M16) as requested by @Slime. Also a special thanks to @MYSELF3200 for the demonstration.
  10. The Demi-Gods [4K Wallpaper]

    Looks pretty nice, but too desaturated and grey like the person above me said.
  11. Face Rig!

    There's no rig! 1/10 no rig is a bad rig But, in all seriousness:it's alright but there's already tons of face rigs.
  12. Loli ?

    i wish i could make art that good
  13. The Modelbench Armory

    First update! Added: AK-47 USP Match RPG-7 (Requested by @AmazingWolfGamer) And more stuff is on the way fairly soon I hope.
  14. Me. and me. and me... and me.. and.. Marko?

    a wild marko appeared kill it with fire before it lays eggs
  15. The Modelbench Armory

    Got it. i really need to start updating this
  16. Oh hey, I've been slowly and unproductively working on an animation for the past few months. That animation in question is the first episode of a series called "starvation". I made a short teaser from the first 10 seconds or so: Oh, also I'd love to get some skins because there's a pile of dead bodies I need to increase the size of, and I don't have enough. So if you have a skin that you think should be in a pile of dead bodies, just send it to me. Constructive criticism is much appreciated. kthanksbye
  17. RPzB Animating

    Aw yeah! great work boi.
  18. A teaser for something I've been working on

    don't worry you'll only bleed more blood than the human body contains
  19. Where did these go?

    I think they were ultrawide, or as you call it: 'thicc'
  20. Where did these go?

    It was probably a CB thing.
  21. Fortnite Funny and Epic Moments!

    hmm i wonder why you made this maybe for fun... no, it has a full caps title with 'funny' in it and is fortnite it was created for money
  22. MP40 Animating

    Wow! Great work mah dude.
  23. Poses Wow

    hey that's pretty good but why clipy's position why
  24. First (X) Rig Template ! V.1

    And CB being better is opinion, not fact.
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