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    if you want any actual useful info about me, go to the about me section of my profile
    if you can't access the about me becuase you are on a phone, then you can (assuming your phone is an android or that iphone chrome is the same) just hit the three dots and check the desktop site and you should be good

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About Me

Hello there.

I made this thing:







I used to make gun rigs, but now I make models.

Here's my old gun rigs:

Shotgun pack

Assault Rifle pack

2.7mm Kolibri


Here's a bunch of other stuff since you actually took the time to read my 'about me':


Things I like doing:


-Playing video games (especially FPS ones)

-Sound design

-Video game mods (simpler ones like reskins and sound mods)

-Skiing and biking

-Actually doing something with my family

-Doing stuff on this website


Favorite video games (in no real order):

-The Half-Life series

-The Portal series

-Counter-Strike:Global Offensive

-Team Fortress 2

-Battlefield 1

-Resident Evil 7 (only played the demo so far, but i love it)

-Resident Evil Revelations

-Super Mario Odyssey

-The Legend Of Zelda:Breath Of The Wild

-DOOM (2016)

-Plants VS Zombies (the original, not the mobile game trash sequel)

-Super Mario Maker

-Super Mario 64


Favorite bands and favorite songs from those bands (still not in order):

-Modest Mouse (song:Dashboard/Parting of the Sensory tied)

-Led Zeppelin (song:The Immigrant Song)

-The Shins (song:A Simple Song)

-Broken Bells (song:The High Road)

-Pink Floyd (song:Wish You Were Here)

-The Beatles (song:While My Guitar Gently Weeps)

-Kelly Bailey (song:Guard Down)

-Joel Nielsen (song:We've Got Hostiles)

-Mike Morasky (song:I AM NOT A MORON)

-The Black Keys (song:Unknown Brother)

-The White Stripes (song:Seven Nation Army)

-And a bunch more including:The Who, Queen, The White Stripes, and a bunch of other non-pop stuff that modern kids think is lame


Political views (if you want, i'd be very happy to discuss these and i'd love to hear your opinion)


-Equality (not in the feminazi way, but actual equality)

-Gun rights (I think the 1986 FOPA act should be repealed)

-Free speech

-W33D 420 (doesn't seem harmful)

-Basically just libertarian stuff idek


Doesn't support:

-People who won't actually listen to the other side of the argument

-Import tariffs

-The border wall crap that Trump sugguests

-Video game content restrictions (dammit trump i thought that was the one thing you were right about)



okay thanks for reading have a good day or night my (probably) friend








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