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    Some random gun nerd that nerds the guns
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    Video games
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    Classic rock and indie/alternative rock
    Making fun of Futuristichub

    if you want more detail look in my about me

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About Me

Hello there.

I made this thing:







I used to make gun rigs, but now I make models.

Here's my old gun rigs:

Shotgun pack

Assault Rifle pack

2.7mm Kolibri


Here's a bunch of other stuff since you actually took the time to read my 'about me':


Things I like doing:


-Playing video games (especially FPS ones)

-Sound design

-Video game mods (simpler ones like reskins and sound mods)

-Skiing and biking

-Actually doing something with my family

-Doing stuff on this website


Favorite video games (in no real order):

-The Half-Life series

-The Portal series

-Counter-Strike:Global Offensive

-Team Fortress 2

-Battlefield 1

-Resident Evil 7

-Resident Evil Revelations

-Super Mario Odyssey

-The Legend Of Zelda:Breath Of The Wild

-DOOM (2016)

-Plants VS Zombies (the original, not the mobile game trash sequel)

-Super Mario Maker

-Super Mario 64


Favorite bands and favorite songs from those bands (still not in order):

-Modest Mouse (song:Dashboard/Parting of the Sensory tied)

-Led Zeppelin (song:The Immigrant Song)

-The Shins (song:A Simple Song)

-Broken Bells (song:The High Road)

-Pink Floyd (song:Wish You Were Here)

-The Beatles (song:While My Guitar Gently Weeps)

-Kelly Bailey (song:Guard Down)

-Joel Nielsen (song:We've Got Hostiles)

-Mike Morasky (song:I AM NOT A MORON)

-The Black Keys (song:Unknown Brother)

-Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes (song:Life Is Hard)

-The White Stripes (song:Seven Nation Army)

-And a bunch more including:The Who, Queen, and a bunch of other non-pop stuff that modern kids think is lame




okay thanks for reading have a good day or night my (probably) friend








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