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    if you want any actual useful info about me, go to the about me section of my profile
    if you can't access the about me becuase you are on a phone, then you can (assuming your phone is an android or that iphone chrome is the same) just hit the three dots and check the desktop site and you should be good

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  1. What software did you use to create that highly detailed profile picture, and is it free? I had no idea Mineimator Forums allowed 8K resolution images, let alone 8K resolution profile pictures. The detail and shading in your profile picture is just brilliant; I can feel my pupils shrinking at its majesty and my fedora tipping unconsciously all on its own. Thank you for this glorious piece of art. I can die a happy man.

    1. EnderSculptor


      Paint 4d.

      It costs $989,000,000 per month.

    2. CaptainClipy


      @EnderSculptor Darn shame. You must be rich to afford such costly software.

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