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  1. looking through this stuff, I was a dumb person


    1. JjCinemas


      Ah yes. I rem-who are you?

  2. ive not been on in a year,and never plan on returning. :/


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    2. toaster1


      But you're here right now.

    3. Upgraded Moon
    4. Ethanial


      If you plan not to return, why did you post this status?

  3. SnookIsBoss

    2 Snapshots Of My Daily Editing Life

    Why have you done this to John Green?
  4. SnookIsBoss

    "The Work of a Field Medic"

    Eyyy I made another one.
  5. SnookIsBoss

    TF2 Sniper Render on 2fort

    Thank's for the feedback! I decided to? I noticed a feature in SFM called "Add Team Fortress Item" which simplified the process of adding cosmetic items, and I wanted to test it. Also in TF2, If you don't have a hat, you're considered a noob. Also the sniper he is holding is "The Machina".
  6. SnookIsBoss

    need people for my player school

    Name: Snook Skin: Under Pic Weapon: Fire Aspect Bow and Arrow Good/Bad: Mentally insane (When I'm angry (half of the time) I am really angry) Acrobatic Skill: Good Parkour Skill: Amazing Farming Skill: Terrible
  7. SnookIsBoss

    TF2 Sniper Render on 2fort

    This is much better than my last render. (In my last render, the Medic, I forgot to enable lighting) Please leave constructive criticism and even suggest what I can do to improve!
  8. SnookIsBoss

    My SFM Render of the Medic

    Voxframe, he is re-adjusting his glasses. I don't personally have glasses, so it might look weird. TF2 (The game the model is from) has a mid 20th century art style and the big hands are a result of this.
  9. SnookIsBoss

    My SFM Render of the Medic

    So, I've been using Source Filmmaker to make little posters. This is the first one that's any good. Please leave constructive criticism and if you want, recommend what I do next!
  10. I thought that wasn't implemented in the demo? Click the link.
  11. SnookIsBoss

    For The Americans

  12. I am working on a Watch_Dogs animation series, and I am requestibg skins for pedestrians. Anyway, heres the video! Feel free to leave constructive criticism! I'll take any advice to make it better!
  13. SnookIsBoss

    Watch_Dogs Animation (Series? Maybe)

    I will post in a few hours... the pic will show to work im willing to put in my projects. I posted it to deviant art and you need to click the link for now...
  14. SnookIsBoss

    Watch_Dogs Animation (Series? Maybe)

    Thank you! I will post it tomorrow and it will be a cool sneak peek.
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