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  1. @Batman4014

    Bored animation with a cool looking character.

    Kinda wish I didn't keep the fractal noise on him.

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    2. Batman4014


      SO COOL :o

    3. Emaniplex


      @Ashley We call anything less than about twenty seconds a Test here. But only a few hyper-passionate animators would feel angered over this title difference. Like me.  *Cough*

      @SKIBBZ Dang, dude! I love that jittery effect!  :thumbsup: 

      You and your editing. It's hard to tell which software this was made in, but considering Batman4014 made this Rig for M.I....

      Also, Character Play? That's a term for a sort of short introductory cinematic? That's so freaking cool.  :v

    4. SKIBBZ


      @Ashley Thanks!

      @Emanatronic Thank you! It's an honor getting comments when people get confused with what program it was animated in.

      It's just something I thought of in my head, because I'm really just playing with his character rig and trying it out. Just something I did out of boredom in school today. 

      @Cryotivity RSMB loves doing that to me. Just don't watch my animations in .25 speed pls

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