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  1. @david I was adding a mi-model that i already had in the program when it told me I said "yes" and it crashed with this error code
  2. Steve

    the saturation of the colors is a bit too hard on the eyes in my opinion but for the unedited version.
  3. I will actually review the quality unlike everyone in this whole entire forum. Seems how you are probably relatively new Mine-Imator I think this is a good start so i will give you an upvote.
  4. Me and My Followers

    People in the wallpaper@Ninjabee_Redtricity @FoxtrotHeaven @YoshiHunter @MasterArcher12 @PΛULAnimatez
  5. One Last Good Bye

    how to you get that filter in the first picture?
  6. Mobs [Minecraft Wallpaper]

    it should be night, DOF blur size is a little too high. Otherwise good job
  7. I dont think you meant to copy it but sorry bud its already been done, Good effort though
  8. Hey guys, you might know about my animation project I've been working on for the past month. My other topics on Project Town Anyways I need skins for the towns people in my project If you want to be in the animation (you will be credited in the end-credits and description) then follow this example. Forum Name: [Name Here] Skin: Type: alex or steve
  9. In Case you missed it 



  10. First (X) Rig Template ! V.1

    how is it a template?
  11. First (X) Rig Template ! V.1

    Looks like a regular player rig to me, don't think it's a first.
  12. Yeah lol i edited my post
  13. 13? i hope thats a joke because i thought you would have been like 18 or 19 *just checked your account* wow didn't think i would be older than you. you are very mature for a 13 year old
  14. Slenderman [Wallpaper]

    its not really even a rig, it's steve with extra limbs attached to it's arms and legs, and a neck as well
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