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  1. Back to view the new updates of my favorite Minecraft Animation Software.

    *Sees new update*

    Ahh sweet. I'm still happy that this software is still being updated even until now.

    *Downloads new update*

    See you in the next year!

  2. This is a little song I made for a story I made while I was away from the Forums. Just wanna share it ^3^
  3. I don't know if I am back in action or if I am just revisiting! But I am back? 

  4. I couldn't think of any and I watch him alot... Oh and also Crazy La Paint is Marks Outro.
  5. I made another Remix, another one. But I am very proud of this one, because it's Markiplier themed! But hey... you are the one who judges.
  6. Yo remember me? Yep I still exist hehehe. I was trying to work on this animation for 9 months but I was in writers block for 9 months. I never knew how to continue this so that's why this month I decided to just completely give up on it. I am dumb. But I also decided to give a link to the project file so that if anyone of you are interested in making a continuation to this than you can. If you do decide on continuing this, then goodluck, and make sure to credit me as Original Maker or something like that, but other than that you can do whatever you like! Project File Man it's so good to be back!
  7. Yo guys! Finally back! For a while... School is hard... especially in Highschool. Well I tried to use LMMS, which was in my computer for a while so here it is! Made in only 2 Days! Vote to tell me how much I suck at using LMMS!
  8. Derp Derp Derp Derp Derp Derp Derp Derp Derp

    I feel Derpy

  9. Yo Guys, I made a Rig! Who wants one?! To be serious I just want to show you guys what i used, I build myself in MC, for creating on what is called "The Cutest Character in the Entire Game" I made all of the Parts in a few Hours and the Animation in also a few Hours Omega Rosey was the most Voted Name in Voting... With MCRosey or MCEDIT Rosey with 1 And Omega Rosey with 2... Thats when I decided to post the animation and this Rig! Yeah... This Rig was supposedly for Scenematic Purposes for like Wallpapers and Shiz... But after trying to animate with it, I found out it is possible to animate with... That's my other reason why I want to post it here Download is Here
  10. Than Omega Rosey it is! And I already done animating an rigging it here, all I need was name :/ Here's the Video
  11. Hello Guys! I present the Friendliest Flower in Minertale Becoming even more Friendlier! This was tricky to make because of the animated face... But I did and I like to thanks you all for appreciating the effort by watching this video!
  12. Hello Guys! This is my first time posting here but it's because I cant post it up above cause this wasnt made in Mine-imator :C This is just a quick doodle I made, kinda like a Concept Art! But also I coudnt figure a name for Rosey's Nightmare Form! Please Guys vote for the Name of Ultra Rosey cause I coudnt think of one! Whatever the Highest Vote is probably what I would use, but if you chose Other and the name for it is way better than my choices than maybe I would pick that :/ Seriously guys, I need naming help! I am not good a naming!
  13. I feel Derpy today ^w^

  14. Hellow Guys! The first one was fun to do and so I decide to make another one! You guys tell me if it rules or sucks like last time! And here's the link to the First Post if you guys are interested only: Edit: Sorry I kinda forgot to put the Video
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