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  1. You inspired me to make somethin like that!
  2. My New Screenshot Animation!

    Oh, Am i sorry! I didn't know that this woulden't go here! Thank you for not getting mad like alot of Forum mods do.
  3. I suck at making Schematics: Portal Gun

    +1 dis goooooooooooooooood
  4. Mine-Imating... Wait, That's on everyone's mind.

  5. Better Items Rig for Mine-Imator

    Awesome! wish i could use this but idk how to put it in!
  6. y u no like it? time dont matter! it iz good i get frusterated at my failing when i try to make something like that! +1
  7. I need a Ravine Cave!

    I need a Ravine Cave, Here's an Example! It needs to be like the picture or atleast close to it, With an entrance! Does NOT Have to be that big, it will have to be small on the outside, Big on the inside!
  8. I made a new screenshot animation, Download link below! If You would like to use it for a Background of Your Desktop! http://www.filedropper.com/ownage IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MONETIZE/EDIT THIS SCREENSHOT YOU HAVE PERMISSION, THO I DON'T HAVE A LICENSE BUT...STILL!
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