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  1. the Particle Effect Movement and SSAO blur was really bad at some of the scenes, but I'm okay with that I will fix that one in the next project. And Don't Forget to leave a Like if You Enjoy it and Subscribe + click the Bell icon for More Videos. Have a nice day ...
  2. I know :') Raymond is also my favorite but I have to stick with HeyImBee because her voice was the main reason for the video
  3. Original Video was from HeyImBee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ex7E5... This is actually my first time doing a lip-sync by using one of HeyImBee's voice for the character's sound (oh and also the first time I change the animation style into "more cartoonist", so for me, it doesn't look so boring anymore rather than a normal Minecraft animation style), first time experiencing lip-sync wasn't that easy, but that would be fun if I would get used to it. oh! and Don't Forget to leave a Like if You Enjoy it and Subscribe + click the Bell icon for More Videos. Have a nice day ... SPECIAL CREDITS: HeyImBee’s Smooth 3d Bending Mouth by KoC and Dr.Nexil
  4. thank you i like when people laughed at my animations, that's one of the reasons why I made this animation
  5. O_O driew gnitteg si esrever siht esuaceb ,won thgir kcolB dnammoC emiT eht pots ot evah ew kniht i tub uoy knaht ,yhw ayyyy, thank you really? oh well, because I want to match the Morty's face with Minecraft version of Morty in the Original series of Rick and Morty at Season 3 episode 10:
  6. Because it took so long for Rick and Morty to release the entire episode of season 4, I made an animation about Rick and Morty when they're in Minecraft and how the episode about adventure in minecraft should be. And Don't Forget to leave a Like if You Enjoy it and Subscribe + click the Bell icon for More Videos. Have a nice day ... I've written all the Mine-Imator Rigs in the video description for Credits
  7. Originally this video should be about 4 minutes long, bUt tHanKs tO EnTitY_thReE hUndReD aNd thReE AnD DeRpySTevE fOr sPaWniNg thE WiTheR, we didn’t see the Goose Slaughter … SPECIAL CREDITS: Butcher's knife rig By AlexTSC https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/53736-fast-rigging-butchers-knife-rig/
  8. Well XD I do that just by making animations in Mine-Imator, editing, and other stuff. thanks
  9. It's not only about the upvote, but it's also about how people can laugh, enjoy or inspire from my videos XD thanks anyways Thank you everybody
  10. It's like every album cover from Imagine Dragons :D nice
  11. well, to be honest, some of the cursed scenes (like Nether Portal one, Ghast Chest Skin, etc.) originally came from Minecraft cursed image memes that I've seen on the internet, and it inspired me to make this video thanks btw
  12. aww, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. Thank you for your opinion and yes it is called Candyland (or something Trippy CandyLand scene like that idk XD) wow, that is a cool story and fits in perfectly with what we are talking about in this topic XD yeah, I know, sometimes I confused what light should I add during the daytime/outside, but thanks
  13. I put all my effort into this one animation, but don’t worry this is not my limit at all ... ..And Don't Forget to Like if You Enjoy it & Subscribe for More Videos Have a Nice day :3 .. Special Credits: Bee rig by sharpwind https://t.co/pSnxtSNKQU
  14. It's not a rig, it's just the Player Skin Texture that I've edited with a different expression
  15. I use Photoshop + video editor (like Adobe Premiere Pro) that can insert images into videos
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