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  1. Yes, I used to make videos like that, it was uploaded about 5 years ago on my YouTube Channel and then I stopped because I was no longer interested in making videos like that
  2. Thanks That's because, like in The Sims 4, the "bored mood" slowly begins to disappear (while increasing the fun).
  3. yeah I saw your comment and I follow your suggestions. Thanks anyway thanks man yeah i think i'll update it, because it's mine-imator 2016 version (the year where I started to afk for animating, until 2019 )
  4. yeah thanks man well idk, it's like i've been sleeping (afk) for 3 years and then suddenly there's a blue slime that assumed to be my brother but that's nice to hear that
  5. Well, that's a long nice sleep. Better upload some videos again The idea of the video appeared when I was playing "The Sims" (I've got like The Sims 3 & 4 already), and I thought "what if the logic/mechanism of The Sims was combined into Minecraft? something terrible happens, i think" and then this video was born. Thanks for “The 3D Armor rig” by AnxiousCynic: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4cnV8KDi11FSnF4YXpXdjBLMlE/view
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxCiwxZ44cE this could be the references of Korea's Coffee Lid "Take Kiss Out" from "Jang WooSeok". He's Made An Unique Coffee Lid that makes me has an Idea to make another new Minecraft Animation. So after i've look at that Coffee Lid, I was thinking "What if that Coffee with mouth shaped would come alive? what if that Coffee has a tongue!!", and that's how my new animation "Take Kiss Out" was born And don't forget to leave a like if this animation was funny as hell, and yeah ... don't forget to subscribe my Channel for more like this
  7. noice man but can you make the Weathley Rig one?
  8. fad 4 Trailer is out? Gonna make more fad 4 animations if the game was Released :D

  9. Thx man Thanks fellow slime Agar.io was more popular on YouTube now! but thanks thanks uhh wat ... i took an anti-mainstream concept into a popular games animation Actually SethBling has already made an Agar.io in Minecraft version
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTa7Xygh2fk What If, The Swedish Popular Sandbox Game, Minecraft, Were in Free Web Game, Agar.io? That Would be Great idea! (ButItalsoSucks …) ..And Don't Forget to Like if You Enjoy it & Subscribe for More Videos Have a Nice day ..
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fe9B9FWnAA In this Video, i've Summarized the important things what we should don't do it in The Nether and i made this animation in 15 seconds duration mode hehe, it's like the references "Minecraft in 20 seconds" video .. ..And Don't Forget to Like my video & Subscribe my Channel for MORE!! I Hope u enjoy my Animation Video :D
  12. Thx actually i do not own this idea, i took that idea from an image on fad Fandom or Facebook
  13. Thx man! Thx i've been doing animating for almost 2 years My animations always smooth Thx Thanks man Thx m8. translation: Thanks Thanks man
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