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  1. My Official Character(OC)

    It means you're trying too hard to be cool, and people see it as cringey. I recommend you watch some OC-making videos before going about and making your own. And also, those fingers are super long.
  2. relaxing in the nature [5K]

    When 4k isn't enough Pretty well done, I'd say. I really like the subtle light rays near the right of the image. But if you're going for that "warmish glow" feel, you might want to add a bit of glow near the edges of the darkness or something, or maybe more fireflies/dust. The four fireflies/dust particles look pretty out of place.
  3. Out of memory problem

    You probably need more RAM. Can you try and find out how much RAM you have?
  4. the F.N. A.F Edit Saga Pack

    You probably need permission from all the other rig creators.
  5. the F.N. A.F Edit Saga Pack

    Sorry to say this, but you're only going to accelerate "ew fad" with all that blatant copying without explicit permission.
  6. Schematic Splitting (For Better Render Time)

    Then perhaps. But I wouldn't know, since my machine is adequate enough to never crash due to a huge schematic. I'd still like to know if MI is crashing because the schematic is too large, or if there is simply too many blocks. While you're waiting, however, I'd recommend using several projects to store smaller schematics, since you're not going to be viewing the whole schematic at any one time. If your schematic has things in the background such as mountains, you can try using a skybox or skysphere to create a background.
  7. Bug on duplicating a folder with a lot of things.

    AFAIK the program cannot tell if an action that you're doing will result in the instability of MI, since every computer can handle a different load. It would be hard to set a standard of where MI would start to warn you. But really, I'd think that you wouldn't be having this problem if you were more careful with your project (for example, saving often and not duplicating your entire project. What's the point in that?) There's only so much that a program can do to prevent data loss. How do .backup files not work anymore? Shouldn't you just rename them to .miproject or .mproj?
  8. Motion Blur

  9. Schematic Splitting (For Better Render Time)

    This would actually be harder to render, since now your computer has to generate vertices and edges for the different sections of the schematic that would normally be covered up by just one giant schematic. However, this is still useful; you could make parts of the schematic that you're not using invisible, since at any given time your camera is only going to be viewing a few subsections at a time.
  10. Bug on duplicating a folder with a lot of things.

    I'm not too sure about how much RAM the computer can allocate to Mine-imator, but you probably do need more RAM. By the looks of it, you're trying to spawn in too much objects. I recommend creating multiple projects for you to work in, and spawning in a new instance of the schematic at a time. You can render individual clips and stitch them together with an editing program.
  11. Motion Blur

    It will if you play it instantly, since your computer needs time to render the motion blur. There's some sort of button that allows you to pre-render your scene so you can get a smooth preview. You don't use Mine-imator to edit in motion blur. (You could, but it's impractical. You'd spend less time and resources by editing it in.) You can use the programs listed above (paint.net and Hitfilm Express 4.) There are tutorials online for you to view.
  12. Motion Blur

    In the meantime, you can edit motion blur in using an image editing program like paint.net, or a free video editor like Hitfilm Express 4.
  13. Steampunk Skeleton but I'm in a maid costume

    jeez how are people still finding this
  14. Misty Spruce

  15. Happy Birthday! - 3rd Mine Imator animation

    Thanks for not taking things too personally. We need more beginners like you. But still, using a limited time budget as a shield to prevent "trolls" won't really help. People will judge your finished product, not the things that you did beforehand. I'm glad that you mentioned your forgetfulness. After all, recognizing your mistakes is the first step to improvement. Perhaps you can try to fix it or something... :\ But, um, yeah, don't mention that you have another account... that's kind of against the rules... But yeah, thanks for taking this maturely.
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