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    Soul lanterns are neat Made with ModelBench and Mine-imator.
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    The Modelbench Armory

    banner by OzFalcon Latest update:June 21st, 2020 Next scheduled update:July 5th, 2020. Updates every other Sunday, unless I can't or have a reason not to. The Modelbench Armory is a collection of weapon models made for Mine-Imator users by request, to use in animations, still renders, or anything else you can think of. Feel free to use them for whatever you please, no need to give credit although it is appreciated. Sounds are included with all gun models, although I encourage you use your own. The Modelbench Armory on YouTube Huge thanks to @MYSELF3200, @OzFalcon, @CodyBI, @Hozq, and @Slime for helping with the Armory. Guidelines for requesting models: Terms of use: Some very basic tips/advice: Without further ado, here's the weapon downloads: WEAPONS Assault rifles & other small-caliber self-loaders: Battle rifles & DMRs: Single-Action Rifles: Anti-materiel rifles: Machine guns: Submachine guns: Handguns: Shotguns: Explosives & launchers: Melee weapons: ATTACHMENTS Every attachment has an attachment type in parentheses, and can (atleast within realistic bounds, you can do whatever you want really) only be attached to weapons with that attachment type. You can find what attachment type(s) a weapon has in its info .txt file, if applicable. The "Custom" attachment type means it doesn't use any standard mounts and is generally attached to a gun permanently. Muzzle devices instead have what round they're meant for in parentheses, and should only be used on weapons with a matching caliber if you want to keep things realistic. Also please note that magnified sights do not include any zoom/magnification setups, and you'll have to set those up however you want to get a zoom effect. Underbarrel/side-mount attachments: Muzzle devices: Close-range sights: Medium-long range sights: Bayonets: Other attachments: Requested/planned weapons: Requested/planned attachments: Thanks for taking the time to look at this, and I hope it's helpful.
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    -new shapes

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    Duck render.

    Duck render.
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    Big Smoke

    Honestly I just couldn't get the smoke to look good so uh yeah :')
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    Im still pissed that you only upgrade your tools and armor instead of making you have to use the ingots to craft them.
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    Pewdiepie's Ship

    @Swingzero for pewdiepie model
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    My third day on blender, rigging for the first time ... rigging a bigpork, i meant hoglin
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    ItsAlz Creation

    Sibling [4K]

    So i made a new wallpaper again EDITS 1 EDITS 2 ORIGINAL No wippo today
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    Miggeti No Sama


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    why would i buy an antivirus when i can just factory reset my computer every time it starts acting up?
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    I just got MI a couple days ago, and don't have any prior animation experience, so this is very rough, but I had fun making it Someday we can look back on this and say "wow, look at all that improvement!"
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    Kitchen Knife Rig

    Okay maybe i'm not dead. here's my quick knife model. Textures by me. Download You can credit me if you want. i don't care actually... see ya... or not...
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    Yup Credit to NMS For the template NMS being NinjaMasterScotty
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    very nice replication of minecraft mocements. but keep on mind, your movements are all linear and everything starts and stops moving suddenly. Its best to use ease in ease out for character movements. also keep in mind, some movements, like crouching are instant transitions
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    Megumin Rig (2.0)

    upgraded and repaired my old Megumin model (from Konosuba). I'm not going back over the other 3 characters, they can't be helped comparison with my old rig download here (discord file link) the eyes are based off of skibbz' facial rig v2.0 if ethanforeveralone comments 'weeb' I want him to know he's very funny and also banned from hell 2
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    Fn Scar-L

    More Picture Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/uub41snu095qred/SCAR-L.zip?dl=0
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    Night walk Casual morning Don't give up! Face of the Puppeteer The underground village of skeletons Fight with zombies Ash vs the hell dragon Escape from hell
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    public class Robot Rig by Daffa the One { this rig created with mapped texture block } for mine imator 1.2.0 or Higher now with FHINGERSS Created in Modelbench Code: {13 5 12 1 14 3 8 9} "this number is alphabet like 1 is A or 2 is B" Texture Size: 128x x2048bit sys } } }init (2)"n0t 1nclud3 sw0rd" <1>end Download the Rig: >>bOT.ZIP<< *call me if the rig is error*
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    YM's Minecraft Letters Model

    idk if the title right or not, but I don't care... Hello, I'm Yanuar Mohendra a.k.a ShinyGHATTear (can't change the username). And this is Minecraft letters model(s). So, I made this for about a week, can't find a way to make it simpler. Just take a look for it. ~shuffle text preview : ~textures preview : I forgot to tell you guys if you can rotate the "A" letter to get the creeper face on it, and you can rotate the up/bottom side of it for fix the gradient : next to do : MC sub letters, minecraft five font. if there's a problem with the model, please tell me. I'll glad to hear that. update: - Added some feature preview on the post - Fixed "T" letter
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    The Revolver

    yeah, we all knows this gun used to OP as hell in CS:GO lel
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    Dr. Nexil

    Lantern Wanderer (4K Cinematic)

    I made it specifically for this render, and it's tailored to an enderman body (skinnier arms), but if it's something you'd like I would happily make it public!
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    Piglin Brute

    the way he holds his axe doesn't seem a bit healthy
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    Breaking Bad

    One of the better pictures I've seen in recent times. Great job.
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    Frequently posted suggestions [FPS]

    A list of suggestions that are posted often on the Discord and forums. Be sure to look here before posting your suggestion! Multiplayer/ Multi-user: The ability to work with other users through a network that allows real time editing of a project. Inverse Kinematics(IK): Inverse Kinematics(IK), a different way of rigging rather than what Mine-imator currently has already, which is Forward Kinematics(FK). iOS/ Android support: The ability to use Mine-imator on Apple iOS devices and Android phones. Mac/ Linux support: The ability to use Mine-imator on a Mac/ Linux. Extruding: The ability to stretch polygons on a model. However, Mine-imator currently does not support polygons. Edit schematic blocks: The ability to edit blocks that are part of a schematic. Rounded cube: The addition of a new shape, a cube that has its edges rounded. Minecraft GLSL Shaders mod: The ability to load Minecraft shaders and use them in Mine-imator. 360 Camera/ Virtual Reality export: The ability to export Mine-imator movies and images in a 360 format. Hide objects on the timeline: The ability to hide objects on the timeline similar to older versions of Mine-imator. Crepuscular Rays(God Rays): The ability to make lights cast crepuscular rays. Automatic 3D skin rig: The addition of a built-in 3D rig that can be used with any skin. 3D Hat layer: The ability to make the hat layer 3D. External models support: The ability to load models such as .obj models from external programs. Reflective water: The ability to make water reflect objects near it. Changing parents: The ability to make an object switch parents in an animation. Physics/ ragdoll physics: The ability to make the scene have realistic physics on objects. .gif support for textures: The ability for surfaces to display .gif files. Tweens/ custom transitions: The ability to make custom transitions to determine how the object should move between keyframes.
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    BaconSandwich Rig V1!

    I've been developing a rig to use for my character, and I just this morning finished the most important element of the rig so I decided to make it public and see what people think! The rig features: 3D Shoes: 3D Tie: 3D Sleeve Cuffs: And a fully separated head model: Download here. Enjoy!
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    anima cryses

    Made a siren head model.

    Made a siren head model.
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    Blood Particle Pack

    Since today I've been haywire on playing with particles and decided to make a blood pack. Cruddy video is cruddy. yes... I used comic sans. I swear it looks better than what's being shown... Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/ilr798ee3hdnk3w/Blood+Spurt+Pack.zip (No need to credit if used)
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    Better Rain and Snow

    WHEN YOU DOWNLOAD THIS PLACE TEXTURES AND PARTICLE FILES IN THE PARTICLE FOLDER I used actual ingame snow and rain textures to make the particles look very nice.
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    The last time I saw you a Rig of a GT-R R32, but today I'll show you other rig of OTHER car from INITIAL D, the Classic AE86 from the main character Takumi Fujiwara. This rig is 99% mine, only the wheels is from other car rig, and the Engine is based on @castedshadow98's engine And now without any other interruption, the Rig of my AE86 (or GT-S) Trueno: Well, thats all, bye. Sorry for my bad english
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    SCP 096

    Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xa531bf9ycd4dh6/SCP_096.rar/file SpeedRender: Next: SCP 173 "The Peanut"
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    Pillager Raid

    The Pillager Raid Wallpaper Made for @AnxiousCynic's wallpaper competition Enjoy
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    Endeavour Space Shuttle

    The Endeavour Space Shuttle that launched in 1992 and completed various service missions in space like repairing and replacing satellites. This model is NOT VERY DETAILED but it's not horrible. Hope it comes in handy for someone. DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/file/fz38xokuy6qn8nd/Endeavour.miobject/file
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    Cubic Ralsei

    My First Rig :D

    Minecraft but the body movements is like in Roblox
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    IN- FREAKING -CREDIBLE. I knew you would do it!!
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    Mine-imator Dinosaur rigs pack 1

    Hi guys! Today, I'm going to upload my three dinosaur rigs. Here goes the pictures and download links! #1. The Indoraptor "This is the most dangerous creature that ever walked the Earth!" Second hybrid dinosaur of Jurassic World series. Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Bv42yrDBWZc5hrdaE7GFcAeLcP1NU0-A #2 Mosasaurus "She's a little shy so be nice and give her a hand when she comes out." Mosasaurus from Jurassic World series. Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BOw2fLR9oawMHQatXu1DlI2hf27VLBsZ #3 Stygimoloch "Hey girl. You think what I'm thinking?" Stygimoloch (design is based on Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CTAWbGuHYd4hMyfROxrYobFj8wFOTHmd All of these rigs have many schematic files. (But it would not be laggy except Mosasaurus.) Please leave credit when you use these rigs!
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    Those are some nice images, man.
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    Anthro Wolf Rig V2 [PREVIEW]

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    Duffle Bag

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/99k691zb3u68y4c/Duffle Bag.zip?dl=0
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    Tired of those bad f.n.a.f. rigs? Well, I have the rigs for you! (These were made by Mr. Darl, I just made the animation)
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    duffle bag

    duffle bag
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    Re:zero Rem [Female Maid Rig]

    Haven't made a detailed rig in a while now, so here's something i've been working on for a few weeks now (on and off that is) More images Rem Ram What the heck is Re:zero Rem? This is basically a character from a Light novel/manga called Re:zero that's also turned into a popular anime. Rem is one of the twin maids that the whiny main character Subaru meets (Rem is the blue haired, and Ram which is her sister is the one with pink hair) they are nearly identical to each other, and just looks like a mirror reflection of each other, with minor difference as hair color and, eye color, and some difference in body parts. *cough* Process of making (this all sounds crazy if you have no experience in rigging ) Rig consist mostly of Sheets, it's pretty insane how much sheets can do if you start understanding how they work, mouth and eyelocks are not sheets though, they are mainly of blocks with skin color, and inside of the mouth is a inverted red block, with teeth and tongue which is also resized blocks, Skirt is made out of bent arms retextured to look like a skirt, same goes for the eyebrows, they are bent human arms colored to their hair color (would recommend using skeleton arms on this one though), breast are also skin colored blocks, everything else is textures from sheets, size of the whole sheet is 512x512 which is 2x the size of a normal sheet, which i usually tend to use as it has a lot more breathing room to work around. The Character skin, of the whole body and head and arm textures are 256x128 which is 3x times the normal size if i'm not mistaken, this makes it easy to add small texture details, like the blushes on the face, and some white lines on the dress. Credits One of the biggest struggles of making the rig was surprisingly the skirt, i had really no clue how to make it, and @Juno, who i personally thing have made the best female rig on the forums, nailed the skirt really well on his female rig, so full inspiration comes from his rigs skirt. Everything is made by me, skins and textures. Reference images i used If you notice any mistakes then be sure to pointed them out to me, unless your talking about me, I already know that.. d-don't need to point that out... anyways If you have any idea of something you want me to rig, tell me, I'm always up to rig something as long as i have time or interest in it.
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    4ward animations

    3D Book Rig!

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/3wjstoe9erkpgtw/book+rig.rar So let's start ff with what this rig can do: Movable pages. Movable covers. 3D!, well that's not something that it can do but i like the 3D part. And an image:
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    Mr. Darl

    Get your own wall-e

    Hello ,here you can get yor own wall-e!! I Present you WALL-E Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?9nxf19ig7fvt7bn News:
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