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    [4k] Autumn

    Made this a while ago (Last month or so?) because I was bored while messing around with the block models and leaf colors, eventually turned into a wallpaper. Also messed around with a Minecraft Dungeons-like look for the facial expression and used custom textures to simulate the block AO you'd find in Minecraft.
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    A man finds himself lost in an unknown darkness. No people, no animals; only shadows, silhouettes and one long path, with a single sign labeled "Straight ahead". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Man!! I'm actually surprised I finished this on time!! I had a month and a half to do this, the first couple weeks spend planning, story boarding, and scripting. Then starting the 1st of October, I started the animation, the deadline being the 28th. 1 month to animate and edit this... Let me advise all you fellow animators out there.. 1 MONTH IS NOT ENOUGH TIME!! Animation takes time, and I know I could have done much better if I wen't pushed for time. It's been very stressful, but I'm glad I'm done. This is made for the "Six minutes in the spotlight" Short film competition for schools. ____________________Mistakes that I could have fixed with more time:____________________ - Around the end, a camera cut isn't instant, causing a wired motion between the 2 joint scenes. You don't see it, but you can notice it. - Sliding legs. This rig is good, but h e l l to animate; sliding legs were a big problem throughout the whole of this, but even after my final tweaks, I still couldn't fix it. - Lighting. Lighting (mainly around the end) looked odd, this is because I didn't spend as much time on it as the deadline was closing it, I made it decent, but it isn't the best. - Sound effects. While writing the description to the uploaded video, I realized I didn't have any sound effects for the ending, but I don't have time to be scrolling through YouTube trying to find a decent effect. - Voice work. The voice actor I got to do this was great and did his role well, however, some part's were too fast / sounded too gruff (like an epic trailer kinda voice). As I didn't have the time, I didn't ask for those lines to be redone, however, if I had the time, I would have There are many other mistakes, but those are the main noticeable ones. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Credits~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ___Animation, Concept & script___ * Duskstar (me) ___Audio___ * SharpWind - Audio editing https://www.youtube.com/user/www111614YxxREEPERSx * Jory42 - Narrator https://www.castingcall.club/m/Jory42 * Duskstar (me) - Female voice
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    G'day, morning, or night everyone. Today I'll be sharing some news that'll affect the Mine-imator 'brand', and news regarding the next updates to Mine-imator and Modelbench. WIP rebranding As the title suggests, the Mine-imator brand is currently going through a major rebrand. Voxy and I have had this in mind since early 2017, and was very close to being given to The Community Build if Mine-imator 1.1.0 didn't start development! Since then, Voxy has gradually established a new unique look for the brand and now, we're ready to start rolling it out. Modelbench being the first step, as it served as a good test for trying out what we wanted out of the design changes. (This is why the Modelbench beta looked different from Mine-imator and why promotional images looked unique.) Also, this new look will be one of the last big things I do for Mine-imator and its brand before I leave as a developer. More on what the rebrand entails be revealed in the future. Modelbench 1.0 / Mine-imator 1.2.6 For those who don't know, the Modelbench 1.0 "update" is a complete remake that started back in May. It has since been roughly 6 months and due to the cleaner code, it's coming along great! At the moment I'm wrapping up some of the final features (ones returning from the beta and new ones!). Also, the next updates for Mine-imator and Modelbench will contain changes to bending that will allow smoother bends on larger body parts among other new settings to use in models and some improvements to bent 3D planes. (Which may break some current uses of bent 3D planes, though it will vary depending on how they're used.) Should also be worth noting that some models created in future Modelbench versions may not load in Mine-imator versions prior to 1.2.6 due to changes/new features for models. That is all for now, unfortunately I can't reveal *too* much but rest assured, some big things are coming! And speaking of...
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    "Dragons" Collab

    Credits goes to @Batman4014 for Genji and Hanzo rig. Pretty detailed. The Hanamura map goes to RehctElf68 This is the first collab between @ShotUAnimations and me. He's in 1st place in Best Renderers in MI forums. Also, 100% MI.
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    Thruster Test

    Loop friendly!
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    Aight, let's get into the credits: @ShotUAnimations for his skin, his Toy Bon rig, and him being in his exclusive wallpaper. Congrats, m8! Welding torch and helmet by me. Render from @Kwazedilla. (sigh), my computer can't handle soooooo many things Anyways, this is Shot welding his items all into one, the Toy Bon. Ears, eyes, legs, stuff like that, he's manufacturing them. Get the robot for only $5 dollars(jk)!
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    Minepets! 5-7

    6 is technically 2 but I put them as one when I originally posted them.
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    Dark Side

    Spectacles #1

    Guys, my first ever serious project is on. Please watch it.
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    The Dancing Chibis

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    U can't run for long

    i'm coming with a knife
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    crawling studio


    I apologize for the possible mistakes. download model: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jqwo86no91p1qm7/russian_bus_LIAZ.7z/file This is the Russian bus LIAZ 5292. I tried to make a good copy of this bus. here is the result:
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    To celebrate my 2 year Mine-imator forum anniversary a couple days ago, i decided to start a new Mine-imator tutorial series to teach new people how to do things. Here's the first episode:
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    why has no one given actual criticism, because i have a hell of a lot of problems with this wallpaper. 1. Clashing styles, if you want to have a realistic style with a face rig, then do that with everything, 2. The posing is bland, you could of made the poses more dynamic by using more of the rotation options. 3. The lighting looks bland, if you want more realistic lighting, i'd recommend using 2 or 3 point lights around the characters, and a spot light parented to the camera with every thing at default, at least that's how I get decent lighting. 4. There's no dynamic rotation and position on the camera, if this is a war wallpaper against other groups, then wouldn't you want to make it look more intimidating or "epic"? 5. The idea is so damn over used it's not funny at all any more. In total, id rate this a 4/10 wallpaper, if you want to prove me wrong or have anything you need to explain with this wallpaper, please do.
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    You cannot escape! Must die here! As the most miserable destiny of mankind, you are hunted and eaten by monsters! !! !! !! Model Rig Provider: weapon@Piegon99 Real zombie @SKIBBZ
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    This is my actual face rig that i will actually be actually using in my actual animations and you can also actually use my face rig in your animations actually. Just be sure to credit me.
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    Cooked Turkey

    Looks good, But id recommend keeping pixel sizes consistent.
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    An official and hopefully, final iteration of Samson "Omega Andromeda" Avali. I think I spent a bit too much time designing the clothes. It's just a white jacket on top of a light battle uniform. Tried to stay as close as possible to a futuristic feel for this one. He has 2 names, named by different cultures: human (Samson Avali) and Wolferican (Omega Andromeda). Gender: Male Race: Half-human, half-Wolferican Age: 24 NOTE: This is an original creation and property of © Prism Productions 2019-2020, you are allowed to take inspiration from my creations, but please refrain from stealing/plagiarizing/copying or action will be taken! The skin is available on Planet Minecraft. EXTRA: One of my friends, @Axetrax#6984 drew him as an anthro, but the artist mistook him for a female. Still turned out awesome
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    Minecraft CAVE UPDATE!

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    SSBU Character Pose: Fox

    So someone sent me a version of a humanoid rig and i thought i would use it for some poses from a really great game. Im pretty sure i messed up on the arms and legs and i made him happy instead of confident but i was in a rush. Link to Model: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/71299-114-humanoid-model/
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    CLOSED TO REQUESTS UNTIL ALL ON LIST HAVE BEEN COMPLETE!!! Latest update:Dec 1st, 2019 Next scheduled update:Dec 15, 2019 Updates every other Sunday, with extra updates whenever possible. The Modelbench Armory is a collection of weapon models made for Mine-Imator users by request, to use in animations, still renders, or anything else you can think of. Feel free to use them for whatever you please, no need to give credit although it is appreciated. The Modelbench Armory on YouTube The Modelbench Armory is made by me (@crustyjpeg), @MYSELF3200, @OzFalcon, and @CodyBI. Guidelines for requesting models: Without further ado, here's the weapon downloads: Automatic Rifles: Semi-Automatic Rifles: Bolt-Action Rifles: Machine Guns: Submachine Guns: Handguns: Shotguns: Explosives & Launchers: Melee weapons: Requested weapons: Thanks for taking the time to look at this, and I hope it's helpful.
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    A futile attempt to fool youtube's drunk algorithm for views... heck... i even go as far as making a cringe thumbnail for it (i don't use custom thumbnail, i don't) Lol no... This is actually a collab submission, but... considering that @MojangYang is taking a break... the collab might get silent... but still active So... this is it. At least this submission has something obvious to tell lol. Time for some CC!!! Time to wait for some CC!! Sorry... the undertale x fad crossover got interrupted by the all-powerful Steve
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    Cubic Ralsei


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    2 vent wallpapers [4K cinematic]

    Okay, I'm going to lock this. Clearly the conversation steered away from the actual wallpapers and can't be brought back around any time soon. Remember to keep it civil, and thanks for using the Report button.
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    If youtube is going away lets just make our own video platform lol
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    Hey everyone, the Advanced Character Model Version 3 is finished! ! Import the .miproject ! Features: -Smooth and Sharp bends -Controllers, for that Blender/C4D feel (Not fake, they actually work) -Full body auto 3D second layers -Skin friendly, no skin editing required, just apply your skin and it works -Auto texture fingers (only for steve) Overview: Auto 3D extrusions: Full: Legs: Body and arms: Head: Fingers: Trailer animation by Hozq: That's all, hope you guys like it. (Contains both Steve and Alex) Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8s9rdd76pkkuk67/ACMV3.ZIP/file ! You don't need to credit me, but it would be appreciated !
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    "Yes, I will go and capture some confidential documents in that Ching Yan building. I oughta be surprised my old friend is one of them. Ok, I gotta go. Titan out." My Spy submission for the @AnxiousCynic contest considering a collab of a Spy theme. Started doing this thanks to the Spy wallpaper of @anima cryses. Thx m8! Credits: @rakaela for the Papers, Please rig, and I made it look like a document @SoldierGG1 for the pistol rig.
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    the fact that you didn't get what the video's is trying to say is hilarious... No one likes monster school, except those gullible morons that puts them into popularity. It's old, but it holds up because it gives easy views for cringe minecraft creators (excluding willcraft) I don't like monster school, that's why this video is made. Seriously... if the video above is an actual monster school, i would've been under fire and downvoted so hard because monster school is frowned upon. So? why don't you watch it again? Lmfao
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    Wheel of Fortune is just Hangman with extra steps.
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    [4k] Autumn

    Nimi: Hey guys I made this wall- INSTA UPVOTE
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    2 vent wallpapers [4K cinematic]

    This convo looks like the beginning of a forum wars, let's stop here lads
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    2 vent wallpapers [4K cinematic]

    I do. =P It's attention seeking, and it's wrong. I'm tired of seeing this everywhere all over the forums and then people defending it. The wallpapers themselves are only mediocre anyway. A proper way to express how you're feeling in an artistic way wouldn't be making edgy renders that appeal to the A N X I E T Y stereotype, it would be using your feelings and emotion to boost yourself into creating something. Even then personal vent art shouldn't be shared like this if you aren't looking for attention or reputation.
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    2 vent wallpapers [4K cinematic]

    Wasnt trying to be.
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    SANS RIG 2.0

    Well.. this is my new sans rig, i made a new one because i think the old one is sooooo plain and i think maybe look better if i add a texture in this rig. DOWNLOAD Fixed ver. ===> Here
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    Storyboarding for an animation actually makes it so much easier, wow
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    Hozq's Iron golem model

    I'm not changing them because the actual version of the eyes look really f*cking stupid lmao
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    Back Alley Beat Down

    "You might want to see a doctor. Your face is bleeding." Tug got a redesign. Credit: @Ethanial for sending me the song and helping me come up with the title, @9redwoods for criticism, and @Batman4014 for the bat rig.
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    Not the biggest fan of schematic models, but you did a pretty good job.
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    I've been seriously considering setting all of my videos to be age-restricted because of the dumb new thing YouTube is doing.
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    nobody: Every minecraft player's storage: Hey what about- New World______
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    2 vent wallpapers [4K cinematic]

    Indeed. Doesn't mean yours isn't.
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    youtube's kids and no kids update will really suck (like seriously who wants to manually make all of their video including their crappy cancer categorized just to avoid being fined a bajillion dollars for a stupid law?). seriously america, why are you doing those illogical laws that shouldn't exist?
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    Damn. The more I look at this, the more I can see how it actually makes sense. Hope you're doing okay man.
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    Bon Voyage | 4K Cinematic

    Hey there, I made another wallpaper. Had the idea last week and decided to make it. Big thanks to my loyal m8 @ShotUAnimations for rendering this for me. The hardest part of this was to get the lighting on the boat to fit the background. Enjoy I guess. This was also 100% MI. Hopefully the pixel count isn't too obvious. Thank you!
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    rommel hamieh

    real explosion particle

    almost 5 days of hard work and researches it's finally done real explosion sheet its now available here with some smoke effect and shockwave blast etc ....... here the download link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/76xpvsgml9sflo2/explosive_particle_.zip/file enjoy
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    hi to Modelbench's mascot, Ashley!
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    Belmo Human

    Forgot to post this model on the forums, here and have fun! (Has both brown and red hoodie.) http://www.mediafire.com/file/hbdzs9fcthpjvzd/Belmo_Humans.zip/file
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