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  2. For the Community, by the Community. *2.0 PRE-3 AND ABOVE ONLY! (CLICK HERE FOR THE OPTIONAL 1.2.9 BACKPORT, VERY UNSTABLE!) "What is LapisFR?" LapisFR is a Community Project hosted by @Jossamations where any user is free and welcome to Suggest Features/Changes for, Contribute to, or make forks of the model. The Face Rig aims to be a perfect middle ground for everything including Style, Ease of Use, FPS*, Customization, and Animatability. You can find more info like our Github, Public Discord, or other things at the bottom of this topic. "Enough talking, Show me some Pictures!" Release 2.0.0 Changelog: Credits: • Project Operated by @Jossamations • Developers • TBA • Graphic Design Help • @OfficialCUYT • Music Help • @/Fushimion on Twitter. Other: WEBSITE GITHUB JOSSAMATIONS uwu
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  3. So firstly this image (This post) was made before this one (My worst Nightmare), just wanted to post the meme fast. But else, as you can see, there is a... Red me? Where have I seen this before? Well yes, this was also a spoiler, but indirectly and in the Book series you'll get to find out, what he is, or why he is, but that you must uncover on your own. (not in the first 3-4 books) And @CanIIA, here a little spoiler, but for this one... well you gotta wait at least some more years, but hey you wanted spoilers.
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  4. crustyjpeg

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  5. progress of my MI Legends models so far-
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  6. How you made that I was making the same as that but the eyes dont glow
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  7. Chrisation_

    Cozy Backyard Area

    All Models and Textures are made by me.
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  8. Don't need any rambling, here's what I made recently lmao
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  9. Lamp post and Bench model by me. Bench texture made by me.
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  10. A Tutorial on How to PROPERLY Pick Weeds.. Enderman in the Vid: @Dr. Nexil
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  11. Ilham316AnimCraft

    herobrine render

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  12. FredMCGamer


    It has been fun, but it is time to expand my horizons. Thank you everyone who has been part of this interesting journey!
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  13. Fox Miner

    Toxic Fox Miner

    Attention Guys! There is a Imposter in this Community! My dark side, he is nothing like me! Actually he is like me, but the complete opposite! Never mind, just try to avoid any conflicts with him, he is very, very angry, he always sees bad, comments complete nonsense and is Toxic, as it says... Well just keep a look out! Just kidding, I was bored and since you all know me as such a nice guy, I thought about something like this! What do you think?
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