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    it's my birthday today and i made this render yesterday. i did not plan this rhyme i promise small facts: @MikTRF, @9redwoods, @Frost and @DragonPixel are in this image @Ian_The_One made the drapery texture (and we spent a humiliating amount of time trying to adjust the colors) the posters in the background are all teasers of projects i'm working on (not today though)!
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    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    I might as well give my opinion on this even though the situation is incredibly stupid. I do agree with some of the people who are mentioning that there are things off about the rig. I have a few opinions myself about how the rig looks, but that's not the important thing here anymore. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I don't agree with the people who are trying to force Sharp to take it and use it. People don't have to take your advice even if it may be true to some extent. Yes, people should take your advice into mind, but you can't force them to apply it to their work. Being aggressive about him not taking it isn't going to make him want to take it anymore than before. It's only going to make him want to take it less seriously. If someone won't take your criticism then move on and don't try to bother with them. That's what people should do instead of trying to force it on someone. While yes, I do understand that he posted it to the forum and should have expected someone to comment on it I don't believe people should have been so aggressive about the fact he wasn't taking it. You are wasting your time if you're trying to convince him to change something he doesn't want to change. And to people suggesting that he should have stated he didn't want criticism, we all know that wouldn't work. I've been in the community long enough to know that people will believe that he is being sensitive or whiny if he states he didn't want anyone to comment advice on it. From my experiences, in and out of this community, people tend to ignore that and will still give you criticism. So, telling him that he should have mentioned that he didn't want people to give criticism on it is flawed. I believe both sides are in the wrong here. Sharp should have been more open towards those who gave him genuine criticism without trying to force it down his throat. Though, I also think that the people who were trying to force him to take it and stating that he was egotistical and that he believes he's a god were in the wrong as well. You do not have to attack a person to get them to accept your opinions or advice on their creations. Be civil about it. TDLR: Both sides were in the wrong. Sharp should have been more open when it came to the people giving constructive criticism but some of you guys shouldn't have been as aggressive as you were. Don't waste your time giving criticism to people who don't want it.
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    Creature of the Woods

    Happy Scary Month
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    i got inspiration from a small protesting of mah country. So i don't know can i mention in community but sorryjustforgetboutthat #1 #2
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    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    This was fun to read, but I think it's time to intervene. I always try to take a step back and understand both sides of the argument. I definitely understand both points of view. On one hand, I agree with the others. The model itself is a bit uncanny and odd to look at, and the textures are objectively bad compared to something like vanilla Minecraft's textures, but this doesn't mean he has to listen to you. In the end, he can do what he wants. All we can do is give our opinions, and he can choose for himself if he wants to take them into consideration. People got defensive and aggressive on both sides, so there's no need to point fingers. How about we don't let this happen a third time?
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    Cryptic Runner

    it ma birtda toda

    it ma birtda toda
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    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    I want you to stop for a second. Now read everything in the chat since the point when this quote was made. This is a hobby. I've made the rigs for fun. I've adjusted a few things on it, because people didn't like it. I refuse to adjust the things i feel like wouldn't fit for my style. Yet somehow i'm egoistic. Once again, this is my creation and you shouldn't act entiteled about changing it. I fixed what i agreed with you on, but I like my textures the way they are. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and if you dont like how it looks, simply don't download the rig, simple Thank you for the kind gesture, and the tips you have given me so far, which i have fixed. However, i don't like some of them, so you can stop trying to shove it onto my rig now.
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    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    Oblivion rig generation 6.0 is here New improvements, new tweaks! Oblivion got a rehaul with the 6.0 update, giving him bendable extrusions, fixed controls on the face, brand new fingers that don't stretch, but still retain their proportional lengths and finally (and most importantly), 15 Different rig varieties (one of them being a placeholder, but you could also use it as a bald character). It's not as simple as just importing and animating with the rig, as the bendable extrusions make it too laggy; that's why there's a placeholder rig included, which you use to animate and copy the keyframes over to the actual rig. More about that in the YouTube video. YouTube video: Some Images during the production: Changes: Updates since release: Edit: added the update list ~ Stay Sharp
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    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    I am not asking for new textures. What I'm saying is that you should make new textures for your own benefit, because you might decide you like them when you see them visualized. I personally don't care about the textures, as I don't really have a problem with them, but you should really try something before saying you prefer what you already have. You don't even have something to compare it to, so how do you know it couldn't be better? There's a difference between good and amazing. Once again, you have completely missed the point I was trying to make. It seems to me that whenever someone says something you think you disagree with, you immediately make up your own meaning of the words they say and then criticize them on that fake meaning. Now, I've been trying to stay somewhat neutral, but I honestly can't even seem to do that without you jumping the gun. I don't even think you're trying to hear people out, no matter what they say. And what you do say you have taken into consideration are things that you already wanted to change. For example, the bending. You said, and I quote, "I've actually fixed the bending elbows, because they were disturbing me as well, someone in my Discord server showed me how to get around the issues i've had." That's not you taking constructive criticism. That's you fixing a problem that you were having with the help of someone else. I better hope that isn't one of the "two things you have adjusted because of feedback you've gotten here" (In roughly your words), because it doesn't count. Edit: That is one of the things you have "taken into account," as well as fixing a bug. Again, that isn't taking feedback. That's fixing a problem you knew you had from the beginning.
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    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    Just because something isn't industry doesn't mean that it's quality doesn't matter
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    Among Us Crewmate

    Features: - Colorable in color tab - Hand model - Body bends - Ankles - Bonus Mini Crewmate DOWNLOAD Large crewmate texture by @Phyre
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    watching you

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    Violence don't do it.

    Seizure warning
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    Soulsand Valley

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    Soulsand Valley

    I have been practicing more with digital art, and I just finished drawing the Soulsand Valley! (And just in time for the spooky season, too!) uhhhhhhhhh idk what else to say so I guess here's the art The giant spine in the background was really fun to draw.
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    happy birthday, and thanks for all the work you've done for us
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    Night lamp lighting

    Sooo... made a night lamp light, for my upcoming animation. Took in total like 3 - 4 hours to figure out how to make it.
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    Not bad, however the animation looks kinda wonky. Try and some more overlapping action into the arms. There also seems to be some noticeable foot sliding. Try and match up the foot placement as he takes a step and pushes himself forward.
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    Kinda dark and lacks lighting a bit. Try experimenting with MI's Bleed Light function with either point lights or spot light.
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    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    i see your point, and i agree that making the textures would benefit me, however i've got a lot of things going on in real life at the moment (as i said, this is just a hobby). College, job, girlfriend, bills, as well as a couple of projects i'm working on with a team, who needs a motion graphics artist for a launching app. What i'm saying is, i like the textures enough not to go back and redo them. Never said they're perfect, but they're good enough and it's not worth going back just for that. As far as "missing hte point" go, it's not exactly easy getting it, when you've got a bunch of salty people calling you egoistic, because you only fixed some of the stuff they didn't like. A lot of times, the feedback in here can be very aggressive, targeted and entitled. I'm not even attacking / defending against anyone, i'm simply explaining that people's aggression is uncalled for (don't even try to tell me that "no wonder people think you're egoistic" and "stop defending your work like you're some kinda god" aren't biased, targeted messages) The message comes acress way nicer and clearer in a sensible tone and now that i understand your point of view, i have to say i completely agree, redoing the textures would do me good. It's still practice at the end. But i'll have to decline as it's not an essential change to the rig and i've got too much going on for me at the moment
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    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    Should i not share what I've done with other people? I thought that was the whole point of the community Why is it that people critisise others work and point out all the mistakes they've done by default? I'm sure if people wanted that, they'd specifically ask "is there anything i can improve?", as a lot of people do in my community. It's way less forceful my logic, being good or bad, it still doesn't give anybody in here the authority over my rig. I made it this way, I like it, I dont feel like changing it, now take it or leave it. I've adjusted the things I've agreed with you on (such as the arm bug and blocky bending), but i like the textures the way they are. I don't owe you the new textures. This is what i've presented, now you can either use it, or you can not. Why is it so hard to understand?
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    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    Unless you tell people not to give it, expect criticism on the forums.
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    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    If you are not willing to take any advice or criticism people give here, then you should just tell people on your next post that you don't want criticism. Because I haven't ever seen you consider any of it
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    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    Because that's simply how i like it
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    The headless horseman

    Well render I made for PigManMovie contest theme is halloween character I used as the title headless horseman rig is by me I hope you like it :D
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    rig for mine imator request

    Something like this?
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    Why are their boobs so high?
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    Knife model | WIP

    I think so. The orange/red knife might be a different kind of knife but at 1000 degrees
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    For my upcoming video I wanted to give tribute to minecraft and specially the animations that came after that, I don't know how to animate at all, just wanted to share this because I think it's cool
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    MCSM Lukas Rig!

    Do The Admin Next If You Could
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    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    perhaps something like your attitude? Let's not forget that Mine Imator is an animation software that makes minecraft animations. Mainly used by kids. I'd understand if this was a Maya forum, where feedback was given by professionals, for the market, etc. But I've literally made the rig for a youtube video, gave it out for free and kids to use it in Minecraft animations. Can you stop for a seconds and listen to how absurd this whole situation has become? I understand that lots of people dislike my style of shading, but why should that matter? It's my rig, not yours, and i prefer it this way Now please, take a deep breath, we're talking about Minecraft animations here, not industry I don't think a "god" would fix things they've done wrong and give credit to others for showing them how it's done (blocky bending) because i don't want to fix certain things due to my preference, it doesn't make me an "egoistic god", it just means i have my own taste
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