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    Village Appliances Rig Pack | V.2

    The popular vote was to complete the rig pack, so here you go. I present to you, INCLUDES: V.2 Added: Cartography Table Fletcher Table Grindstone Composter DOWNLOAD HERE | 99.71 KB Thank you!
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    Change The World

    This was meant to be a meme, but I wasn't motivated enough to finish it. Credit:
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    I'm team Java. Like what Ethan said, it's their fault if they don't have Java. Bedrock is mentally challenged.
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    Mineshaft Animation

    Improved Skeleton Rig

    When you wake up during surgery
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    Making a Dinner (4K)

    So I've tried to do @Jake_28's style today, and in my opinion it turned out pretty well. Credit to him for a few tips, his skin and a modification of my skin. Old version that lasted 45 minutes: Feedback and criticism appreciated.
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    woAH JErEMY WhY HavENt You poST aNyhtING On tHE foRUMS FOr SO lONG shshshshhhhhh im lazy ok dont judge me but i did make some pretty neat render of @Mike's updated [me]megumin rig [i love his rig so much please notice me] so here the render i made! i hope you enjoyed the render i swear i will post render more often lmao, i have a bunch in my folder but im too lazy to make a topic about it link to the megumin rig:
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    Not sure what to call this.

    First time using SSAO and better shadowing etc, TY Keep on Chucking for the water rig (idk how to use it properly yet but its better than nothing lol)
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    Deep within the abandoned Aperture facility, before The Great Reconstruction, thousands of test chambers had fallen into disarray. With no human test subjects around, the testing elements that were left behind went unused for centuries, including the humble Companion Cubes. Most of them shut down long ago, their fragile power sources failing at some point or another. Some, however, have managed to keep running for far longer than ever thought possible, still clinging to hope that they'll find a companion some day... Download for the Normal/Companion cube model: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1X-QPojJQ8V7uZ7QOk2BFSJ-UgXfOQHAG (Careful, it can be a bit laggy)
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    Village Appliances Rig Pack | V.2

    @Rawami and @Shayzis, in V.3, I'll adjust the extrusion texture. Thank you for the tips!
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    The Minecraft username field is only there to allow people to easily use your skin in Mine-imator by using the built-in skin fetching tool. It's not some kind of social thing like you implied. Considering this is a community dedicated to Mine-imator and not Minecraft itself, I don't see the point in further bloating profiles with game-specific info you could just put in your About Me section or your signature.
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    Provisions - Wallpaper

    Getting back into things with a wallpaper, slowly.
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    it has arrived Features: - Smooth body bend + ankles and wrists. - Non sensitive smooth bends. - An average fps of around 45. - It only uses 1 single part for the smooth bends. Cons: - Having more than 1 brings the fps down to like 20... ouch... - It bends like a cheese doodle if you bend it too much. - Me Pictures / gifs It does have one bug, https://gyazo.com/9000e4d0fa49c2f577998de947d2bb77 The second layers bend like they're on realistic bending even though it might be set to blocky. I'll try to get it fixed until the next update. Until then, Enjoy! Credit to @ShinyGHASTTear for the text in the first picture.
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    Why You Should Disable Auto Jump

    This one’s tough because I made so much “Aw Maan” Chat Box in the video... ..And Don't Forget to Like if You Enjoy it & Subscribe for More Videos Have a nice day :3...
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    Ukulele Model

    DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7xgsf8ann5702x9/Ukulele.zip/file
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    Female Template

    A female rig. I saw Voxy say this: So I decided to make this. Pics: Features: Thin waist. Bobs. Pretty confusing to texture so I will just give you an Alex template to see how I did it. DOWNLOAD HERE. No need to credit, but it's appreciated. Tell me if there is anything wrong with it. Also, if you use it, I would love to see! Enjoy!
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    XTAR Revolver

    !ATTENTION! This is not a gun in real life. I designed this gun by myself. Name : XTAR - stand for eXperimental model Triple Action Revolver Ammunition : .357 Magnum Magazine Capacity : 8 rounds IMAGES Download Links XTAR REVOLVER .357 Magnum Ammunition
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    Making a Dinner (4K)

    On the furnace behind the window (two cooked beef items). I didn't have a better idea to make the dinner more visible, sorry
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    Not sure what to call this.

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    Village Appliances Rig Pack | V.2

    True, specially the smoker, he extruded the cracks.. that's not how cracks work tho
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    Village Appliances Rig Pack | V.2

    Some of the blocks are a bit too much extrude dimo
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    I don't think that's how jaws work...
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    Not sure what to call this.

    Woah. What happened to the creeper lol? Looks okay, although lighting could be a little better, along with camera angle. Maybe show the sky a little. Also, with the water, you can see that it's not covering the block to the right of the opening, yet still covering all the blocks on the right of Steve (except for grass occupied spaces?). Also also, that shovel would have been taken away with the current, as it isn't stuck in the ground very far. Just keep on practicing.
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    Thank you for summarizing my entire argument lmao
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    ok, now it's perfect
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    This was fun to make. I haven't made a wallpaper in a while so I just wanted to get something out there. Updated Version
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    2013 was a glorious year...

    2013 was a glorious year...
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    Rebranded my channel a bit Character is drawn by @RandomJeremy and colored by me.
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    Iskra Weapon Pack

    https://imgur.com/VD2gA2Z https://drive.google.com/open?id=1O85QcWec0ZEn0j7PIjGtaSJJw-ixrJmN (w/t sharp wind items)
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    Change the Ground texture

    He fixed it because you were constantly pinging him almost every day, complaining over things no-one else has a problem with and having a tantrum when you didn't get your way. It seems all this did was play right into your little fantasy that you always get what you want. He never considered fixing it, because no-one found it a problem, because no-one uses it. Please stop talking. You aren't doing yourself any favours and you honestly sound like an entitled child who thinks the whole world revolves around them. It's blatantly clear now that it's impossible to have a normal conversation with you, since you completely ignore any suggestion offered to you to work around something that, might I repeat, no-one should be using for animations. And then you proceed to flat-out insult everyone, calling them "drones" just because they happen to agree with Voxy. In reality, we just think you're being insufferable. Just stop this already, because no-one is going to take you seriously anymore if you don't. Oh, and more thing... Downvoting this is only going to prove my point.
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    http://www.mediafire.com/folder/kwkgik3bieg4y/Human_Grey_Field http://www.mediafire.com/folder/ef1lbbkb7rngp/light_secretive_armor_The_Order_of_the_Black_Rose These are my very old models. And I put them in free access. I don't need them anymore. You can safely use them. They are very many years old and I will be glad if someone uses them in their art and animations. I do not need any credits. These models are in free use. Enjoy. If you will use them, then give me a link to your work. I want to see it)
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    oooo linear everyones favorite transition
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    Umm.. Wallpaper?

    Now before you start calling me a hypocrite about when I said "I'm never doing wallpapers again". I'm still doing models and rigs, I just wanted to post this because why not.
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    Mining loop animation

    Karen took the kids again, no wonder Steve's pissed
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    Nicolasev's foodpack

    Hello everyone, lately I've been modelling 13 food-themed models for Mine-Imator, I've done fast-food, drinks and more "traditional" food, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves though. upcoming models in the next update: soda cup from fast foods, salad, long-style sandwich, icecream cone (maybe) I hope you liked my models and that you'll use it in your future projects, but don't forget to credit me though credits:
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    Campfire Rig

    So I finally tried rigging again...and I made this. I hope you like it. - Campfire Rig - Not Lit: Lit: Features: - Full 3D extrusions - 3D Animated Fire - Compact - Easy "Not Lit" to "Lit" switching Please tell me what you think! DOWNLOAD HERE
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    Hat Models Pack

    I made some hats. You can wear them on your head. Now everyone will want to be your friend. Image: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/18r2xj1idf94176/Hat+Models+Pack.zip Last Update: Nov. 29, 2019. I am open to suggestions for what kind of hats to put in here. Includes hats like: Fletcher Hat Armorer Mask Beanie Desert Hat Fisherman Hat Farmer Hat Fedora Shepherd Hat Beret Cowboy Hat deadmau5 Hat Deerstalker Hat Librarian Hat Mario Cap Miner Helmet Party Hat Pirate Hat Plague Mask Pokémon Trainer Hat Propeller Hat Reality Vision Headset Royal Crown Santa Hat Snow Hat Toad Head Top Hat Ushanka Hat Compatible with Mine-imator 1.1.2 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
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    Jesse 2.0

    Hello, It's me again... the only reason to re-create this topic (once again) is to give you my final MCSM rig project (I'm thinking if I should continue or not). So here is a new Jesse. Textures are from the Original TelltaleGames Model (R.I.P T.T.G ) If you use it, remember to credit me! Pictures: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ibrdctsmst5k3c4/Jesse 2.0.rar?dl=0
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    ! Please give credit if used ! Hi everybody! I made my second released model, the ACM V1. This model doesn't need any skin changes, just select the skin you want and done! There are 5 different version of this model: ACM V1 - steve, 2-pixel fingers ACM V1 type 2 - steve, 1-pixel fingers ACM V1 type 3 - steve, no fingers ACM V1 Alex - Alex, fingers ACM V1 Alex type 2 - Alex, no fingers Here's a showcase animation made by YourFriendHozq https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gxkBW_QEp4&feature=youtu.be And a tutorial video made by MarcoGames1973 on how to use the model (note that some changes were made after the video was done, for example, you don't need to enable the 'inherit bend' option for the parts anymore) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnsn-qNS95s&feature=youtu.be The downloads: ! You need to import the .miproject, not the .mimodel ! ACM V1 - http://www.mediafire.com/file/h12uj4ahiyzjl2i/ACM_V1.ZIP/file ACM V1 type 2 - http://www.mediafire.com/file/8bcf246u21ps9vw/ACM_V1_type2.zip/file ACM V1 type 3 - http://www.mediafire.com/file/4pf9etr8fe583p0/ACM_V1_type3.zip/file ACM V1 alex - http://www.mediafire.com/file/7dv9u2bag8q2idp/ACM_V1_alex.zip/file ACM V1 alex type 2 - http://www.mediafire.com/file/s4ojtj5aetm5vb3/ACM_V1_alex_type2.zip/file ! Please give credit if used !
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    sonic rigs pack 1

    click here to download the sonic rig https://www.mediafire.com/file/3wcyrp33rxshd7f/sonic.rar/file click here to down load the running sonic rig https://www.mediafire.com/file/6s6mc6e20bznxmg/sonic_(running).rar/file
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    Sucks to be them. They're playing the worst version of the game.
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