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    Decapitated [GORE]

    Because why not
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    The Game Begins

    The plot thickens.....
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    It's been like a year or something since the last time I posted something here. And this is what I've done? So basically, I recently was getting nostalgia of the old 2006-2008 sprite animations, like Super Mario Bros Z and stuff, so I had the urge to attempt to make my own sprite animation, but the thing is the only software for animation i got is Mine-imator, so... Heh.
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    100% realistic reloading animation

    super duper graphics pack bois model by @Daffa_the_One
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    Hello everyone Well, I've made a trailer for a minecraft server that I play in my spare time. In this animation, I show the SkyPvP mode, with some scenes in slow-motion, I put several skins of my subscribers and forum members.I hope you like it. I will take any suggestions to improve with my animations.
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    Vegeta Rig

    Wanted to see what people think of the rig, might release later if enough people want it. https://imgur.com/a/fnbMHht https://imgur.com/gallery/DF6LStp
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    I am the Emperor of the Aparthian Empire in a Minecraft semi vanilla server. Please read the information below! It's very important [[ If you ever wanted to become a Queen or Empress this is your chance !!! ]] About the empire: The empire is a combination of towns, with Belkyr City or "Red City" (medieval themed) being the heart of the Empire, and two more towns with "jarls" running them including: • Fort Gold: an old western style "town" but its actually an Outpost in a mesa neighboring Belkyr city, it will be mainly used as an Outpost and for mining resources and soon a villager trading hall + Villager farm. Jarl: "Wizard_of_Woz". Citizens: None but other Aparthians can come live here if they wanted. • Star Federation: A small colony neighboring Belkyr City, ( Modern Themed), the word federation in the name is only for decorative purposes. Construction has been slow but it so far I only know it will display a big tower. Jarl: Suckerpunched10 (Asby) Citizens: None, it is unsure if Asby will have living space for people there. How the empire works: We are a monarchy which goals are to be a dominant force and grow as much as possible. We Will have a king and an emperor with emperor being the higher rank. We do go to war but only when absolutely necessary. Right now we do not have enemies only allies. We have grown to about 14 active people with the biggest population in the server. (Server name is Novadia and the owner is Jakipmon) Contact me here if you're interested in becoming Empress of Aparthia or Queen: Duke Kadir#7636 Current high ranking titles: Jarl: Manages a town/colony/outpost/City . Emperor: Has power over the entire empire. Duke: Oversees the Jarls, can give commands to lower ranks and gives advice to the Emperor. Low ranking titles: Peasant: A poor citizen that only owns one small house (mostly new people). People with high ranks: Emperor: (me) Duke_Kadir the First Duke: Akunahten The Great ( He will be promoted to king) Queen: None Empress: None I have yet to work on new titles based on the medieval class system or feudal system. [[ Info about Empress and Queen title ]] • About Empress title: To become Empress of Aparthia you must marry the Emperor in a church (The Church of Aparthia) which is yet to be built. The Empress must live with the emperor in a castle that is also in a queue to be built where other nobles will also live. The Empress is as respected and powerful as the Emperor and has the job of running the Empire, that means overseeing projects, creating plans, promoting people, overseeing the army, getting people to join the empire etc etc.. but the Emperor and the Empress are expected to work together in order to run the empire more smoothly. The Emperor may divorce the Empress if she becomes inactive or does not do her job well or does not work together with the emperor, in this case when divorce happens the Empress loses her title and power. The Empress cannot divorce the Emperor. At least half of the population most be present at the Royal Wedding and other allies will be invited as well. ** When someone of lower rank wishes to speak to the Empress they must begin what they will say with addressing her as "My Empress" or "Your majesty (name)" or just "Your majesty" and in written form when sending a mail letter for example it is (For her majesty (name) ) • About Queen title: To become Queen of Aparthia you must marry the king in the same way an Empress does and live with the king in the castle. The queen is as powerful and respected as the king of Aparthia and has the same job/responsibilities as the king which will be decided soon. The Queen and King shall work together to run the empire smoothly. The king may divorce the Queen if the Emperor approves. The Queen can also divorce the king if the Emperor approves. When divorce happens the Queen loses her title and power. The Royal Wedding must be equal to the emperor's wedding and as important. ** When someone of lower rank wishes to speak to the Queen they must begin what they will say with addressing her as "My Queen" or "Your majesty (name) or just "Your majesty" and in written form when sending a mail letter for example it is ( For her majesty (name) ) • Requirements for Empress and Queen title: 1.Must be a hard worker 2. Must be active 3.Must be smart and a good planner 4.Must work well with others 5. Must be charming, nice and polite 6. Must have at least one ingame skill she's good At (example: Building, Redstone, Business) 7. Must call the emperor or king: (My love, honey or other name that implies they are together and 8. love each other) 9. Should be able to handle/write paperwork 10. Must be of female gender IRL/Ingame
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    Constructive criticism only plz k thx EDIT: Using SKIBBZ SFR V.7
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    I've been sitting on this idea for a while, so I guess I'll just ask a whole lot of the Forums. Would anyone be interested in an unshared/unfinished creation dump thing?
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    Cubic Ralsei

    The Game Begins

    i literally only see 2 floating eyes with extremely small text..
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    Bending extrusions

    what do ya think?
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    Long time no see, guys! (again) Today I brought two legendary pokemon rigs, Dialga and Palkia! They are gods of time and space in pokemon series. Dialga, the god of time. I had hard time making his spine, but i think I made it well. And next, Palkia, the god of space. I am going to make Giratina and Arceus rigs, and even maybe other legendary pokemons, too! Plus, some people said me to make some How To Train Your Dragon rigs, so maybe next rig will be Toothless, the dragon of HTTYD series. And also, I will make few more dinosaur rigs. Anyway, did you like today's rig? I hope you liked this rig!
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    A Night In The Forest

    Hi everyone, I've not made wallpaper for a while so I did it, enjoy : Old version : New version : New version Edited : Thanks to @Bronze for the name . Cc is appreciated.
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    Nah b just a joke
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    Decapitated [GORE]

    Um... help my head got cut off and someone instead of helping me took a photo of it... Could you help now? Awesome render anyways
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    I'm 200 rep !

    I'm 200 rep !
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    Decapitated [GORE]

    How many times I need to say, don't play with knifes
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    If you could have any one of the Infinity Stones and an Infinity Gauntlet, which would it be? I'd want the Reality Stone. Because...with it, couldn't you change reality to be one where I have all 6?(WAIT WHY DIDN'T THANOS DO THAT)
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    The Game Begins

    haha lol so is Palutena gonna be in this? If so I expect Dark Pit as well, you gotta represent my main
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    100% realistic reloading animation

    who needs magazines
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    I found a secret lying around in MI forums
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    The Game Begins

    It looks like the entire image has been upscaled by like 10x. The entire thing is extremely blurry and low-quality as a result, and is only made worse due to Imgur turning the image into a lossy JPEG... The plot certainly seems interesting, though.
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    The Game Begins

    I tried making it bigger, but if it got any bigger it would break my computer. Also I'm trying to keep some secrecy here, so yeah. You can also see their silhouettes.
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    Oh, I didn't realize. Let me fix that.
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    100% realistic reloading animation

    Reaper is that you?
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    Plantera Sneakpeak

    Damn nice
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    Plantera Sneakpeak

    Im doing this rig with @Rawami so ye... *insert ok hand emote here*
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    Lonely In forest

    Everyone here's talking about the bends, while I'm here questioning why your sword isn't a default texture
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    Cubic Ralsei

    Plantera Sneakpeak

    terra-imator when
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    Western Concept 2

    More concept art! I'm trying to establish a style and theme before starting this. According to the poll, an amazing 18-0 unanimous vote wants this to be an animation! I will get started with this soon, for now, enjoy another render.
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    A Random Comic Page......

    I find it a bit Edgy and Cringey,Maybe you'll find it interesting. Here's the link to the gallery of the comic.(Still Ongoing) (https://www.deviantart.com/bonkjobbot/gallery/68075086/Task-And-Quest-Ongoing) Hope you Enjoy it.
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    This was one of the first things implemented with the next update. https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/profile/2898-nimi/&status=188870&type=status
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    Wait.. It's not a realistic wallpaper!?!?? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? It's been a while since I made a minecraft wallpaper, I'm proud of this! Feedback is much appreciated!
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    Son Goku hair rig

    ssj hair is too big i think
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    I believe I understand what you're wanting. But this can easily be created using folders if I show my examples here: To recreate what I have shown: First have 3 folders ready and your object/vehicle in the last folder. Have your rotation set up a few feet (or blocks) away from how you want your vehicle/object to turn Then move your second folder away from the 1st folders position Now for the turning here's how it goes: For this I did a simple ease in and ease out (sine) 90 degree turn for the drift to move in. The other 2 folders have their own positions animated for moving forward in a straight line. If you would like more help on this please feel free to ask me.
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    I'm sorry, because my personal fault caused the previous content not to have English, so I edit it again. 大家好,我是来自中国的城北徐公,这次我为大家带来的是使用Modelbench制作的一个MOD生物Pack希望你们喜欢,奇异鱼类是一个关于水下生物的mod,里面包含了一些鱼类以及一些其他的海洋生物. Hello, I'm North Xv from China. This time I'm bringing you a mod creature pack made with Modelbench. I hope you like it. Strange fish is a mod about underwater creatures. It contains some fish and some other marine creatures. 鱼,在水里随处可见的普通鱼类 。 Fish, common fish found everywhere in the water. 北梭鱼 Barracuda 其他鱼类,模型几乎都是独立的一些鱼类 其他鱼类模型几乎独立于某些鱼类物种。 其他海洋生物,除了鱼类以外的生物 除鱼类外的其他海洋生物。 护士鲨,一种温顺的小型鲨鱼,模组中身边围绕着两条小鱼 Nurse shark, a meek, small shark surrounded by two small fish. 鲨鱼,这么帅气的生物当然是作为压轴登场了 ? Shark, such a cool creature is the last to play.? 附录(appendix): 我不擅长英语,所以文本由软件翻译,如果语法上存在错误还请见谅 I am not good at English, so the text is translated by software. If there are errors in grammar, please forgive me. 下载地址:百度网盘 Download:MEGA 使用时请注明作者,谢谢 Please mark the author when using. Thank you.
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    Gogeta vs Broly

    Gogeta or Broly? Who will win? Threw this one up in a lil' bit. Criticism is appreciated (lord knows i need it).
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    The next update of Modelbench will likely bring it out of beta(Modelbench 1.0.0) and for awhile now, I've been making more additions to the general program to make it feel more complete. For example;
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    Metro pack

    Hi everyone! ? I present to you: The metro pack! (with an orange title cuz I like orange) Including: The metro (of course) The wagon The rails (2 desings available!) And metro station stuff AND, if you are too lazy to make your own metro station, here is a metro station for you! (made with shematics and some of the train pack objects) Before I show you the download link, here is some tips about the train pack: - If an object's name ends with "(COLOR)", that mean you can change his color! - I've created some ads for the ad sign, if you want to use them, import the ads into your project (they are in the "train pack" file), then select the white part of the ad sign and change his texture. Select the ad texture you want to use. - The name of the stations can be changed - Same thing for the screen text on the front of the metro (and the text color can be changed too): Download it here And credit me if you use it!
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    Sunrise (4K Wallpaper)

    Ouch, My Hand Needs A Doctor... Uhh... So, I Made A Very Cool Wallpaper But I Payed For Making It A Bug And Pain :I It Took Me 3h 41min With Re-Creating : I Well... Just Look At It And You Can Download It From Here Or Just By Clicking On Photo: http://www.mediafire.com/file/e7cce56454vvhh1/Sunrise.png
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    Sticky has set on a spiritual journey to gather all the infinity stones in order to eliminate half of the forum members to bring balance to the website. The forum's finest heroes, developers, veterans, newbies and members of all types must set aside their differences and join forces in the forum's most ambitious crossover event to stop this imminent threat! MASSIVE THANKS to EVERYONE who were so kind to share their skins and character rigs for me to use in this wallpaper, this includes @BaconSandwich, @BoltedJames, @BBruce7815, @Che3syPlayz, @Rollo, @EthanForeverAlone, @Jake_28, @KaryuGraphics, @mbanders, @MachineGunInc, @MYSELF3200, @Nimi (I love you magneficent bastard), @Pigeon_, @9redwoods, @Skjold, @Swift, @tditdatdwt, @YoshiHunter, and fellow discord buddies Gabe, Hozq and Tug the Fox. And oh what the hell I'm gonna thank @david for giving us Mine-Imator. 23 People in a wallpaper heh? Total pain in the butt to ask one for one permission to use their character and pose them afterwards, but hot damn it was worth it. For the occasion I wanted to make a different type of "more-than-one-member-wallpaper", because since I saw that these types of wallpapers often include only people who are in a certain group/server/team, I wanted to include a large variety of forum members themselves to represent how diverse the community is. All the rigging styles, all skin styles, everything clashing together in one wallpaper. Thank you all very much! V V Get your own Infinity Gauntlet rig down here! V V DOWNLOAD No need to credit for the rig, enjoy it. Don't claim as your own. Thank you, everyone.
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    [Rig] SWAT truck

    Download Link https://www.dropbox.com/s/wugzrypxquq6w37/SWAT%20truck.zip?dl=0 7/9/2015 Remove Rail in the truck Edit glass color
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    UPDATE [v2.0] - This version adds tools (pickaxes/drills, axes/chainsaws and hammers) - Adds some other stuff for wallpapers (Hallowed Mimic, Pixie, Rune Wizard Hat, Crystal Shard etc.) Terraria Wiki (for tools): http://terraria.gamepedia.com/Tools ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have FINALLY finished and now I can introduce to you... The Terrarian Armory! It has 323 407 files/weapons/tools/stuff, some glow in the dark, some are more 3D. (My favorite is the Soul Scythe) I categorized the weapons, so it will be easier to find, cos' of the whole 323 407 files thing. If you don't know what weapon to choose from, look on the Terraria Wiki: http://terraria.gamepedia.com/Weapons Pics: What you can make: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5kseh9osls9r6rc/Terrarian_Armory_v2.0.zip [1.69 MB] (I will be updating this, as it doesn't have ALL the weapons... yet) NEXT UPDATE: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Western Concept 2

    Fix my skin Or give it to me so I can make it look better. Seriously, it looks weird
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