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  3. Cbr 2011 Back Again With The Among Us Skeld Map! Download Here (No Need to Credit)
  4. do a blooded swords and other items (For item sheet)
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  6. Inconsistent pixel sizes, the room lacks detail, and the lighting is bland. I would suggest changing the couch and adding windows at the very least.
  7. I give you 3/10. The things that you need to Add is: Lighting. Non-Empty Environment/Make the render scene looks more detailed,And not Empty. The Cyborg Arms? I think I guess it. Make it more Detailed. As the MinKreft Characters Only Have short leg,then you need to resize the Sofa,To Fit the short Leg of the Characters. Practice More Render if you want to Focus On render. The Eyebrows,I think that was the name? Sorry if I were wrong. But The Texture Eyebrows need to be removed if you're using the Face Rig. I think that was it. Hope you can Improve Your Skills Into a 4/10+.
  8. So I made a render of my character with a fake arm So here it is! I hope you guys liked it!
  9. gtao2 fanmade logo 


    1. LacaMenDRY


      IF Internet Was Invented in 1969 Be Like:

    2. Draco63


      Do you do graphic design work for money? Because if not, you should consider it. This looks really good!

  10. ._. *Sniff* Well shit I don't believe that ZaM are moved by money, they obviously put effort into animations for all there viewers but hey we believe what we believe
  11. Well Wandavision is over. 

    It took me until July last year to get over Marvel Withdrawal Syndrome, but it appears the symptoms of MWS are returning. Fortunately, only 2 weeks until The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

  12. Yes, only one of them is a real company name. it is the blue one.
  13. nice one bro! i don't know how ta do that stuff...
  14. Can I use this for my full movie projects? Also When the Aiming Scene Played,It's Just not played the Video,But My Brains too.
  15. I'm really annoyed at Black Plasma Studios right now. For a while, I liked their content, and Songs of War was shaping up to be something really good. But then they ditched that to make lazy "Minecraft Life" animations. Granted, they're the highest quality I've seen in that genre of animations, but it's still not good content.

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    2. MojangYang


      everyone gangsta till bps makes monster school

    3. Draco63


      @MojangYang Oh, it's only a matter of time at this point.

    4. Mr M3m3~Chan
  16. Working on a human base | W.I.P


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      I made this rig because when I use my main human rigs lag my computer

    3. LacaMenDRY


      Understood. Because Of Too Much High Details on the Main RIGS Right?



      Plus, I still use laptop.

      It's name is Vox02.

  17. Your best bet would be modifying the second layer of skin to be armor, alternatively you could set a skin as just the armor you want. Import it as whatever body part and parent it to the correct body part.
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