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  2. Nicolasev

    The Cave

    Looks really neat I like the choice of color for the ambience. I agree on the texture size for the lava but it does look better your way in the distance
  3. Broken Computer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIz_XeuYvHfSL33iCO_IVMQ Animation made by me.
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  5. Okay, I don't mind the new emotes on BedrockĀ so much as I dont plan to use them, but the prices on them are nuts!

    Some of them go as high as $7. Absurd.

    I mean, I might pay 7 cents for one...

  6. I can see it and It's bothering me and It can make or break a wallpaper a petty thing sure but that's my opinion, now this may sound very crazy and mind blowing to you Sharpwind but take a look at @SoundsDotZip's little edit on the pupils, I'll show you a side by side comparison so you'd be able to understand it a little more easily. Sharpwind - SoundsDotZip - I'll get straight to the point, SoundDotZip's edit gives off more emotion, yours doesn't at least not as much and at the end of the day that's what you want when you're making a wallpaper with a human as Its own subject, and It's also not nit-picking. You're a cool guy but you honestly get over defensive at times and refuse to take any type of criticism. Again, this is only my opinion I know if I don't state this some tough guy will misunderstand this and take it as an offense and go ballistic on my existence.
  7. it looks like a black hole that devouring planets
  8. I tried changing the position of the pupils in GIMP and I think I did a pretty good job. Disclaimer: This isn't my render, SharpWind made it, I just edited the pupils's positions! (I know I probably don't need a disclaimer, but still, I didn't do this to get credited for it)
  9. Hey Guys! - So got another installment on this crazy animation I'm working on. Hope you enjoy it.
  10. The funny thing is, it's not nit-picking at all, and I'm not sure how you can call it a "senseless detail" considering the fact it's the facial expression of the only visible character and subject of the scene. Such a detail is very noticeable if it looks odd, especially given that multiple people have pointed out this exact thing now. It's not just me, you know. This is much less "others nit-picking", but instead "you refusing to acknowledge a problem others are pointing out to you". Sorry if I'm coming across as harsh, it's not my intention... but we're trying to help you here.
  11. I was'int expecting the EAR-BLANK at the end, so it kinda jumpscared me.
  12. I agree with your criticism. I will improve on that in the future. Thank you Once again, couldn't agree more, people have made amazing things in Mine-imator, had told stories that are amazing, extremely detailed models, very sophisticated rigs, the list could go on and on. And honestly, I am considering about making a video showcasing everything the Mine-imator community has offered in the future. People often look down upon this software, because of, you know what... This is an amazing software, and this is an amazing community of animators, modellers, riggers, and so much more. I haven't checked them out yet, i'm still new to this community, but thanks for mentioning them, I will check them out right now
  13. I have been encountering this weird occurrence when I import .json models into MineImator. Since I made tons of models in "Blockbench" (a model software similar to "Modelbench"),I wanted to use them in my animations but whenever I upload these .json models, they always appear invisible even with their provided texture. I have no idea why. P.S my MineImator version is
  14. That's what i'm talking about. It makes no sense for him to be looking anywhere else; he's casting a spell at a moving target in the middle of a battle. I get that it looks appealing for the pupils to wander around, but it makes much more sense for them to be paying attention The funny thing is, you can barely even see the other pupil, and the impression isn't reall there. It honestly feels like nit-picking a senseless detail (when it makes sense with the circumstances as well)
  15. hzmoaJo.pngjust some models. :DiQzzlBE.png7g6aVLN.pngACVogBI.png

  16. Sooooooo, i made the warper form the game subnautica and stuff, idk DOWNLOAD Happy animating, mew.
  17. HeYoNia

    The Cave

    Looks good, only have issues with specular lighting, looks like Steve got too excited and decided to spray his armor with Flitz metal polisher! order yours today for only $39.99 on the nearest store near you, don't believe me? take a look at this revolver's before and after! Oh damn, looks like Steve made the right choice of choosing Flitz metal polisher! (though again, steve sprayed a tad bit too much) Get yours today!
  18. It's possible if it's coded by scratch, and I'm pretty certain nothing like this will come in Mine-imator 1.3.
  19. Slime

    The Cave

    Im personally not too fond of the reflective-ness of the armor they are wearing. I get its iron armor but maybe tone it down some? A lot of armor from what Ive seen is never that shiny.
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