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Mine-imator running on Mac.

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How to Run Mine-imator


This is not guaranteed that it will run smothly as Windows.


As David said, you need Wine and Winebottler.

Link (Wine):http://www.winehq.org/download/

Link (WineBottler):http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/

Link (XQuartz):http://xquartz.macosforge.org/landing/


You need to be the Admin to install program(s)

If you don't have the Lion or Mountain Lion update, you will need to install from Apple.


        Installing Java: You can use the following method to initiate the Java runtime installation or confirm it is currently installed.

  • Go to Applications > Utilities > Java Preferences.
  • Open the Java Preferences.
  • If Java is not installed, you receive the following message:

    “To open “Java Preferences," you need a Java runtime. Would you like to install one now?”
    Accept License Agreement and Download and Install.


You will need minutes or hours. Also a Internet Connection. No rendering is possible.Click on Mine-imator (make sure it is with the "Others" folder, do not rename that folder) and you will see the Winebottler icon beside it.


This might not work, this is personal experience and reference.

Thank you for reading this. Hope it works. :D 


If it won't work try a tutorial that is more complicated to me, but maybe not to you, but is still useful.

Tutorial link:


I don't, once again, guarantee this will be smoth or have all features. ;) 

If it gets you trouble, I'm sorry. -_- 


Thanks for reading.  ^_^  

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Awesome man yes my mine-imator doesn't work as smooth so don't use up a lot of things or else it lags.

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1 discouragement about the Mac Version is that you cannot upload/convert the animations into .AVI Format.

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      10:45:40 PM APPDATA: C:\users\Arman\Application Data
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      10:45:40 PM video_adapter_0_driver_version_high: 393230
      10:45:40 PM video_adapter_0_device_name: \\.\DISPLAY1
      10:45:40 PM video_adapter_0_driver_version_low: 660286
      10:45:40 PM os_version: 327681
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      10:45:40 PM os_get_region: AU
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      10:45:40 PM gzunzip.dll
      10:45:40 PM movie.dll
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      10:45:40 PM window.dll
      10:45:40 PM texture.dll
      10:45:40 PM Texture init
      10:45:40 PM exe_directory: Z:\Users\Arman\Downloads\Mine-imator\
      10:45:40 PM Trying to save files
      10:45:40 PM surface_save OK
      10:45:40 PM texture_create OK
      10:45:40 PM file_delete_dll OK
      10:45:40 PM Shader init
      10:45:40 PM shaders_are_supported: yes
      10:45:40 PM shader_high_ssao_blur compiled: no
      10:45:40 PM Shader compilation failed
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