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I noticed there are a lot of car rigs on the forums, but not any trucks.

I fixed that issue. :steve_csi:

Without further ado, here's some pictures:



Dem doors are openable.


Specially designed for crashes.   


Short and long cab variants.


Off-Road variant.



You can select "exterior" and color that to color the truck.

It also has an interior that isn't anything special.

V2 (Latest)




V2:Added Short Cab (Inspired by @ShadowUnicorn_Gaming's short cab mod) and Offroad (Modified short cab) variants.


If you find any mistakes, I'll fix it in an update.



(i know the presentation was bad.  idek.)

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Just now, ShadowUnicorn_Gaming said:

You are literally the best at making car rigs, and one of the only ones :D +1

Thanks!   :D 

I'll try to make another next week, if possible.  

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