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Official Mine-imator FAQ

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Posted 22 December 2012 - 12:56


Here are the most common questions about Mine-imator all answered:

  • Is this program free?
    For beta testers, the program will always be free. I may in the future add a "pro" and "lite" version of the program, to earn some money for my hard work, but if you download now, you'll never have to pay anything.
  • How do I run this on Mac/Linux?
    Try using Crossover or Wine. I do not guarantee that it will work however, or that it will run as smoothly as on Windows.
  • How do I use this program?
    There are hundreds of video tutorials on Youtube about how to animate with Mine-imator in many languages. Here are some good ones. I plan to create my own in the future, as well as write a documentation thoroughly explaining the program.
  • How do I create my own scenery, say from my Minecraft world?
    In the demo version of 0.7, select "Import from world" under Schematic when creating a scenery. If you're using an earlier version, use the select tool found in MCEdit to select a region of space, then export it as a .schematic file that can be opened in Mine-imator from the library.
  • When will the next update come out?
    When it's done. I post predictions in the development blog on the official site.
  • Will you add <insert feature> any time soon?
    See the official To-do list to see what I plan to implement into Mine-imator.
  • How many people are working on Mine-imator?
    Just me.  :)
  • How did you make Mine-imator?
    Mine-imator is currently being developed in GameMaker:Studio and has been in production for the last 2 years.
  • Can you add Techne support?

Common issues:

  • I can't run the program!
    • Restarting the computer
    • Running the program as an administrator (Right click)
    • Re-installing the program (remember to extract before running the .exe!)
    • Running on another computer
  • I'm having graphical issues!
    Make sure your graphics drivers are up-to-date and that you are using the latest version of DirectX.
  • I can't export my animations as .avi!
    When saving the animation as a movie, DO NOT pick the "Uncompressed" option. That will result with a gigantic, often corrupted video file, instead try any of the other codecs in the dropdown menu, like Windows Video 1. Also, DO NOT minimize or partially hide Mine-imator during the rendering process. If are still unable to export as .avi, try changing the recorder in the settings (click the wrench button), or your computer may not have any working video codecs installed. You can find some free ones after a quick Google search.
  • Why does the program lag?
    The program will lag when you have a lot of stuff in your scene, or if you have imported very large sceneries. This also depends on how powerful your computer is. You can temporarily hide instance by clicking the eye icon in their timelines of the "Instances" tab. You can also try reducing the graphics options in the Settings. Clicking the "Performance" button can help you determine what events made the program run slow.
  • Several blocks in my .schematics are missing!
    Not all blocks from Minecraft have been added yet. More and more blocks will be added as the program evolves.

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