Tell me, how did you find Mine-Imator??

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I was animating my next video but I ran out of motivation. So I'm bored.

I find interesting to know how some people found Mine-Imator so I want to make a topic :D 


Ok I'll start:

It was like 2 years ago, (the newest version of MI was 7.0) I was obssesed with animation programs like Blender and Cinema 4D so I was watching an animation.

The animation quality was horrible, but I can tell you it was made with Blender. So I scroll down to see the comments, and I found someone saying: "you used mine imator".

I was like: "Wait, an animation program specificaly made for MC animations?!".


And that's how it started for me. What about you?

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3 minutes ago, Antcioff said:

From this VIdeo ouo 


I found Mine-imator the same way Antcioff did. First of all I thought it was blender so I moved on until a couple days later, I decided to check it again but it appears it was made by "Mine-Imator"

I got curious and checked out what was the program about and that's where it started me at.

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I Googled "Minecraft animation software". It was an older version, and it just looked too complicated, I didn't know how to do anything. (Younger me was stupid, wasn't I? I could have just looked up a tutorial. o.O) So, I kind of abandoned it for while. A long time after, I decided to give it another shot. When I opened it, it said there was an update (1.0.0). I naturally downloaded it, and I have loved it ever since. 1.0.0 was an AWESOME update.  :D

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