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Found 28 results

  1. Hey Hey!! It's been awhile... But I have a new Wallpaper! (Speedart Vid as well) (Untouched Version from Orginal Render) (Edited Version/Final) I`ve also made a Speedart Video if anyone is interested in the Process of the making lol! (Please Watch I put a lot of time into it) (Download) (Description)▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Programs I used in this Video:(Mine-imator/Community Build of Mine-imator as well)(Photoshop CC, for images)(Premiere Pro CC for editing)▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Credits:I used Skibbz Newest Facial Rig for all the People. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uf9D4... )Cape I used for my guy. ( http://www.mineimatorforums.com/index... )
  2. Che3sy's Animals 2.0

    Hello all Tis Che3sy again. Getting tired of seeing me? Well, as I said. I would update the rigs. Different skins for: Sheep, Pig, and wolf. Newly Rigged: Cow, Horse, Squid. I would've updated them all, but I didn't feel that they needed it. Claws will be added eventually. Sadly, the links aren't showing the pictures. Just links. Sorry for the inconvenience. (Download) Cow (NEW!!) Sheep (Finally not f***ng scary!) Horse (NEW!!) Squid (NEW!!) Pig (Finally not f***ng scary!) Wolf (Updated) If you liked/download, a 1+ would be greatly appreciated ~FUTURE UPDATES~ Horses will have bigger hooves. Pigs will have horn things sticking out of face! Cows will have horns out of the head! Dogs will have claws! Cats will have claws! Squids will have movable mouth! Dog noses will be boopable! Bunnies will be boopable! Horses will have a custom saddle!
  3. Character Daniel Christopher

    Daniel Christopher Daniel has been a Military legend for nearly 4 -5 years People at the us Navy weren't expecting a Horse to become one of their best Members (Be aware that This is ALL made up) Story: Daniel was born in California U.S.A In 1992 After the Cold War ended He was born with Cyber phobia, a Fear of computers. in 1993, Dan's Mother was Slaughtered in a secret Horse meat factory. Daniel wasn't very happy and wanted revenge. Later that year Daniel was in a barn near the Unicorn centre. Then the Farm owner accidentally Dropped his gun in the barn Daniel was in. Dan Somehow picked up the gun and Shot the barn keeper in the heart Instantly killing him. The people near by Heard the Gun fire and found the Barn keeper Dead, as Dan was peacefully eating His apple. Police came 2 hours later and found no evidence leading to the barn keeper's death. On January 2005 Daniel's Father died of a sudden Heart attack. Alone, Dan went off to find the perfect job. On may 2007 He found himself in a job with the US Navy After passing training He learned to talk and his first words are "All I ever wanted is to be in a world full of peace". Finally on July 2015 He found himself becoming a Vetaran and he was nicknamed Vespur After he assassinated the most wanted suspect with a scooter. Character stats: Age: 13 in human years and 24 in horse years Name: Daniel Christopher Nick Name: Vespur Longest swim: 500 Metres Average Accuracy: 86 Percent Favourite Colour: Neon Blue Favourite song: Deadmau5 - Ghosts n Stuff Interests: Swimming Driving Art Target Practising Extras
  4. Clydesdale for Mine - Imator 1.0.6+

    Good evening everyone It's ShadowUnicorn_Gaming bringing you Another horse rig Today I have made a Clydesdale A Scottish Drought horse that can grow up to 1.7 Meters I hope you enjoy :) Pics
  5. This was just a test for stuff as I was learning how to use Mine-imator. This was my first creation, btw. Before you ask why it's in a weird pose, me and my brother (jpman11) were just messing around.
  6. Horse Gallop cycle V.2

    Hello everyone Shadowunicorn_gaming here and I Updated my gallop cycle Enjoy Download
  7. Desert

  8. My Main Character in Mine - Imator

    Hey guys I want to show you something: Here is my Main Character for Mine Imator: [PRIVATE RIG] Hope you enjoy
  9. Horse Gallop Cycle (Downloadable)

    Hey Guys I have made a Horse Gallop animation Hope you all enjoy: Download Sorry For Jerky Movements
  10. My first Mine-Imator Rig

    Hi Guys This is My first Rig I hope you enjoy Here is the download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8q57wha81bj5f28/Mine-ImatorHorse. BTW If you use this in your video no credit is needed This Character is called Vespur The first one is Is battle damage (WARNING GORE) And he has an Bandage and Blood dripping down from his mouth The second one Is just a Texture Normal state And finally We have the Face Rigged One (This one is the best one )
  11. My first post HORSE RIG

    Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/rrx3ttj5f65nrnj/New+Project.mproj
  12. Swedish Pikemen [1.0.0]

    I'm trying to replicate stances and formations of pikemen back in early ages. Swedish Pikemen V English Horsemen I just realized the horses are poorly stances
  13. Just a Wallpaper

    Just a Wallpaper with no name (i dont find one) Enjoy
  14. Just a couple of unedited, quick wallpapers. Steve on a horse: My friend eljaffacake3 doing a seismic slam (anyone who plays dominate on mineplex should know this):
  15. Horse + Human Rig

    Aright , I spoke in the previous rig that updated my mine - imaitor for the version 1.0.0 , I did what I had said, I researched this version on the internet, 4 hours researching and learning how to use the most updated mine imaitor I finally made my first rig in this version, I confess guys and complicated to use this version of mine-imator! To make instance and cr.p you have to click on the character to click on the bar to get then paste the whole sh.t! I made a basic rig , see the screens... I make a request to the creator of the mine-imator, facilitates module create instances Download this Link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/f229oibf11615gc/Human+++Horse+Rig.zip
  16. Flexible Horse Feet

    Hey Guys! This is my first suggestion so, I hope it's not already suggested, if it's already suggested, well, sorry :I So, I just tried to animate a Horse and I thought that it would be really awesome to make a the horse's shoes movable just like this: That's it, I just hope David will add this.. Thanks for reading it! Bai!
  17. Horse Galloping Test

    Hey Guys! There's nothing to say here so, here it is... ENJOY! I Hope you guys liked it! Subscribe to ICDMC! Bai!
  18. Horse Rig (WIP)

    the horse is done im proud of my progress (2nd pic)
  19. New Horse Rig W.I.P

    This is my new Rig technique for the mob I'm working on. As you can see, I'm trying to make a horse. I love the result, this took a whole day, it's the same texture as the white horse implemented in the new update of Minecraft. I have now 2 desings for the mob. You can see the other one here: Lot's of changes and work in this one. Here's the timelapse Result! So happeeeeh! The one you use in Minecraft now in Mine-Imator 0.7 DEMO!WOO! Making this reminds me of papercraft, you know, joining piece by piece. Oh, and it's player size. I'm so happeeeeh NOW THE IMPORTANT ''STUFF'' PROS AND CONS (So bad) Lets start with the good stuff. This new desing has the same texture as the mob of the new update of Minecraft. It looks really cool, you can open mouth, move ears,etc.You can make it bigger or smaller, but at the start it is player size. Now,the C O N S This is so hard to make. It takes a lot of time to build.I need to find a way to make this easy to build, or at least understandable. I can't just give you the items texture sheet, because everything is messed up there. I will still try to look for a way to improve this, so soon people can actually download it and use it. Last Picture -André
  20. Guess what the inspiration for this was.
  21. Ruby's horse phone art

    Well I though to make up some wher were I can post all the art I make on my I phone 4 s by useing an app called art studio lite So here's the one I made today Moonshower Ruby's pride of the river Never alone Ok those are the two for now but I will update with more phone art to come because I use the app nearly every day so yer I never know when I make a good one enjoy ruby
  22. Horse W.I.P

    Hello there, here Andre, just to show something I've been working on. Well, I'm planning to make some western shorts or tests, and I'm like...Well, my cowboy needs a horse. Spend all day making this. I don't know If this is the correct place to show my creation, I am still a newbish. I started with this, and it's helpful Then I choosed a color, and decided to make the horse. In this case is a white horse. I took a wholeeeeeeee day. It's still a W.I.P I need to make some changes in the texture pack, I don't want the skin to look like wool. I made a little change to the texture pack for the mouth.You will see that in other topic, because this is still a W.I.P I scaled the horse to a player size, this is my cowboy Steve oh yeah, and I think it looks cool That's all I think:D So...What do you think?
  23. ITS OUT!!! Unicorn Rig *Randomness*

    ITS FINALLY OUT!!! Copyright BloxRigs 2013© I STILL NEED TO SET IT AS A DOWNLOAD!! Please don't tell me you can't download it; no one can. I will make it downloadable once I get more feedback! As always, hope you liked the rig, more to come! --Please give me credit in your video/description -Thanks