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  1. I like it. I really like it, actually. Reminds me of the minecraft website's clean plastic style. (You should've cut out the facebook part in the timelapse.)
  2. Wow. A good looking wallpaper on the mineimator forums? impossible. I really really really like how the blocks look 3d.
  3. Can someone make a wrestling arena?

    Do it anyways. What's the chance of the original creator of the panorama is going to see your project and call you out?
  4. Fidget Spinner Rig [V1: 5.12.17]

    Dang thanks I needed one for a monster school dabbing video. OH YOU THOUGHT I WAS KIDDING?
  5. Can someone make a wrestling arena?

    Just google it. Seriously. There's tons of schematics.
  6. Pixel Prison animation (preview)

    They couldn't even afford a real toilet. They just painted one on the wall. So sad ;-;
  7. Minecraft panorama

    Pick your poison.
  8. Shovel Rig

    What?! This isn't the mineimatorforums I knew and loved hated. What is this blasphemy
  9. Shovel Rig

    Wow. A rig that doesn't suck?! Impossible.
  10. Only came back here to say how I logged into one of my joke accounts and found out one of my Monster School joke videos got 200.000 views.

    I feel kinda obligated to make more. Sorry, mates. :diamond::diamond::gold: $$$

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Skjold
    3. DragonLord


      People are taking your money mate @Skjold

    4. Skjold


      I know how to get 'em back! I'll just start uploading top 10 monster school videos with boobs in the thumbnail and wait for the cash to roll in.

      Nice. Now I just need to edit in red arrows everywhere!


  11. The Grand Hotel - [2K]

    Unedited is better.
  12. Blood Animation Test

    Quite cool. Haven't seen blood done this way before.
  13. << Give tips to this wallpaper >>

    Use anti-aliasing. Or render your wallpaper in 4k and then downscale it to get rid of hard edges.
  14. Quitting animating, bye!

    Welcome to the club!
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