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  1. Happy fifth anniversary(Google Translate)

    My apologies.
  2. Happy fifth anniversary(Google Translate)

    He referred to Nimi has a 'she'.
  3. Happy fifth anniversary(Google Translate)

    Nimi is male.
  4. PUBG Lv.3 clothes

    Fairly good recreation tbh. i've got 4 wins in pubg
  5. It's nice to see that Ethan is still bullying people to the point that they hide their posts to avoid it.

    1. SkythecreeperCS


      i cant tell if this is sarcasm or you calling him out

    2. Peachfig


      I was being sarcastic, it isn't nice. I was 'calling him out'.

  6. Great issue, keep it up Tdit. It's was so good with the interactions between Rectangle Bro and the citizens of Bird Town, along with the interactions of him and Veet. The new character, the person who finds other people, is a great addition to the Glorious Adventures of Rectangle Bro series. I am excited to see where the story goes from here but so far you've done an incredible job in bringing this world to life. This gets a 9/10 from me. All around amazing, and I hope our peers agree in this being one of the best so far.
  7. I hope your relationship with your boyfriend goes well, @Voxy!

    1. Emaniplex


      Oh I get it... you're using sarcasm.

      Nice one man. Got 'em!

    2. Peachfig


      I'm not being sarcastic? I wish them all the best. 

  8. Oc (im 11)

    I mean, to be fair, there is a high chance this is a trace.
  9. A message from CC

    You can never be nice on this forum.
  10. David has stopped working on Mine-Imator.
  11. Stand User Kreuzer

  12. my favourite black man

    1. Penecho


      an oxymoron

    2. Peachfig


      no ur a moron lol

  13. "Say Cheese" - Outlined Wallpaper

    I love SKIBBZ clones and forum relationships. /s
  14. @EthanForeverAlone is Heinrich Himmler?5L4e0gq.png

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. EthanForeverAlone
    3. Dannyboi


      Woah, I look alot like Ethan...

      On another note...

      My Year 5 (4th grade) teacher's grandad fought in WW2 and he used to buy chickens from a farmer after the war. It turned out the farmer was Himmler in hiding.

    4. Minecraftvinnyq


      This changes everything we knew about Ethan.

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