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  1. Coming soon...

    ...what Modelbench is just for character models. Minecraft's block format and Modelbench's character model formats are going to be different.
  2. Coming soon...

    I asked David and he said that it will only have block models, and Minecraft doesn't support custom entity models.
  3. Coming soon...

    First time I've heard of it, didn't know.
  4. Coming soon...

    I am not sure how completely true it is that the new Mine-Imator update will support MC models, I haven't heard of that. And the modeler does have extra features that Minecraft doesn't have, such as bending. And I can prove you right. (Didn't know we were arguing though.) Edit: I read David's topic on the upcoming update and didn't see anything that said it will load resource pack models. Just .json models, which he was referencing to Modelbench before the public knew it existed.
  5. Coming soon...

    .json files are used for several things. One program that exports .json files can be completely different than Mine-Imator. Mine-Imator will not know how to read those files. it will not understand model files unless they are from Modelbench. So the Minecraft model format and the Modelbench format both use .jsons, but that does not mean they are cross compatible. For example, Minecrafts model format could be something like this (I am just making this up for an example) { "name": "Balloonicorn", "dimensions": [1, 2, 3] } While the Modelbench format could be like this: { "title": "Balloonicorn", "shape": [1, 2, 3] } So while they have similar uses, the programs cannot read it unless it is made for that program.
  6. Coming soon...

    Mine-imator needs it own format to work correctly. It's much easy for David and Nimi to implement it using their own format. This modeler exports that format, and is the only program that can. You could do it by writing the .json file by hand, but that would be slow and tedious.
  7. Coming soon...

    It is needed unless you consider stacking and parenting cubes together in Mine-Imator itself modeling. And this generates .json models. It allows them to be easily made and previewed rather than being programmed by hand.
  8. [C4D] Random renders (really high res)

    Hey I just woke up from my nap and wanted to say that's a pretty cool render. Really shows my intellect.
  9. Oh hey remember how I always joked about how people would always come back to the forums after leaving? 

    1. Dannyboi
    2. Ezcha


      I only came back to check out the Modelbench post Nimi made and the change my old profile picture to the new one.

    3. Dannyboi


      wdecom bak 4 short tiem den

  10. Well I believe this is my cue to leave. kthxbye

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ÜberKiller


      :facepalm: I swear people would leave these forums if they found out it didn't contain nuts these days.

      Also I have no idea what's going on/

    3. Zeno


      @ÜberKiller Wait, the forums don't contain nuts?



    4. Archon
  11. Doing a poll about servers.


    (This is unrelated to MI-Realms)

    1. ÜberKiller


      Love me some hardcore pvp factions.

    2. Ezcha


      I think I'll actually do a mix of the co-op and all for one. Pvp will be enabled, you'll be able to claim land, random loot chests, etc.

  12. Mine-imator Mod Manager (MIMM)

    It is impossible (or at least very difficult) to load gml from an external file. You would have to make a custom made code interpreter.
  13. Would I be able to use WDL to download Laputa?

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    2. blockerlocker
    3. tditdatdwt


      Oh pls this is nothing.

    4. blockerlocker


      i know i just love using my self made dream memes


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