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  1. Wow, you definitely have some potential! Not sure exactly how you could improve, other than maybe experiment with other transitions more~!
  2. x3Sq7nx.png

    this is kind of depressing

    1. CarlHeadCrashed


      crippling depression


    2. Caeden117


      >110 guests

    3. Jovan0896


      The forum is dying D:

  3. oh wow you are back


    and you are still my bae

    1. CarlHeadCrashed


      Been through a lot, but now I'm back. I can start doing crap again.

    2. TheGodOfTrouble


      welcome back

      i almost filed for divorce so im glad you came back in time

  4. AMA

  5. y o   y o   w h a d d u p

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MachineGunInc


      o h s h i t w h a d d u p

    3. Joon


      a n o t h e r  o n e  b i t e s  t h e  d u s t

    4. OfficialCUYT


      o s h i t i t s d a t b o i

  6. oc

    Neat! Love the steampunkish industrial look (dunno what to call it) going on.
  7. you shouldnt be
  8. AMA

  9. AMA

  10. (No seriously they break all logic)
  11. why are people even bringing attention to this "mineimator sucks" guy

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. OfficialCUYT


      whoops i meant link his channel, idk what i was saying :/


    3. Dannyboi


      Nah, just look around for it if you want.

    4. OfficialCUYT
  12. S K E L L A I S A T R A P
  13. i like how creative the names skella, ghastina and blasia are, -ina -ia and -a endings instantly make them female other than that the wallpapers have nice lighting for what i think you're trying to go for but its pretty bland
  14. This thing you're reading right now is a pointless status update. Infact, it's THE MOST pointless status update since yesturday. The only reason I posted this status update is to be pointless. It's so pointless, that I don't even know why it's pointless. This is a pointless status.

    1. OfficialCUYT


      solid statement

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