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  1. What's going on what kind of insane asylum is this supposed to be
  2. good job funny how im not in the wallpaper at all just because I left hell
  3. AMA

  4. AMA

    Yeah, I almost forgot about this... But hey, I'm back~
  5. It's a bit odd how only one person has a face rig.
  6. AMA

    (my computer isnt able to run it)
  7. It's good but uhh... "Ok i made this don't hate i don't care what you have to say" That's not exactly the smartest thing to say.
  8. Si

    sexy witch is the best one
  9. Of course, why not...
  10. Excellent work! +1
  11. maylandcity

    ontopic: really nice offtopic: unblock me on deviantart
  12. Heyyy I promised I would make a revamp of the avali rig and here it is! Includes: The customizable part means you can edit the textures yourself with Paint.NET to make your own character. I'll finish up the Novakid rig that's collecting dust right now. If there's any problem with the rig, please tell me!
  13. Nice!
  14. why are people obsessed with eyes that act just like flashlights
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