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  1. Mine-Imator Animator Battles

    So you're recycling a concept that was used up and left alone for a year to give it a new title and website? y tho?
  2. The Button Collab

    It's been 3 years
  3. The Button Collab

    Bro. Why?
  4. Your profile picture remains your best feature.

    1. blockerlocker


      Other than your RadicalPersonality™

    2. Zeno


      I was going to say I don't know who he is, then I realized he's in Kekeky. ffs

    3. Upgraded Moon
  5. Happy (early) birthday.

    1. Upgraded Moon

      Upgraded Moon

      Thank you! :)


    This is literally just a copy of Mind the Gap
  7. Minecraft Mobs In My Style

    Looks nice!
  8. Funtime F.reddy's Jumpscare Improved (FAD Warning)

    You know it's pretty sad when you have to put a fad warning in the title
  9. The Future of CaZaKoJa

    You won't be alone in all of this Cade. Plan GPP is still in motion. We're taking this on together.
  10. Genji the Executioner - Overwatch

    Can't stop won't stop
  11. Giant Creeper Battle

    This was actually really cool and well done! You definitely did a good job of giving this that video game feeling. Excellent work!
  12. Genji the Executioner - Overwatch

    Is that a pro genji?
  13. I love how you're still using my gif as your profile picture.

    1. Upgraded Moon

      Upgraded Moon

      This is Blockerlocker tho

    2. BAC0NB0Y


      I know who it is, but still.

    3. OfficialCUYT
  14. W̑̍̌̀̃͏͇̗͙H̵̼̩̼͐̐͊̊ͅEͩ͋ͧR̯͓̣ͤ͐ͦE̟͉͟ ̡͖͓͇Ä͕̰̣̘́̽̏ͧͤ͋̚Ř̨̝̮ͧͮͩ̾͒Ẹ̝̻̮̍̉ ̡̞̥̱̼̣̲̂ͣT̩̱̩͕̳͆̑̔̅̔̃H͓̬̺̗͓̽͆ͅĚͦ̕ G̸̰̖̘̞̮Ả̫̙ͦ͛ͨ͆P̡̭͓̠̗S̊́̎͛͗

    1. Upgraded Moon

      Upgraded Moon

      Can I go a week without somebody talking about that? Christ, if I have to tell another person that this ain't happening, I'm going to throw myself off of a cliff with as much edge as shadow the hedgehog

    2. Shane


      just don't become like valve, at least let us know if it got cancelled or if it's still being made

      also besides me there have been no messages about the collab on your page since august

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