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  1. Put this skin I made up on the Discord a while back, but no one really commented on it so decided to repost it here.


  2. Steampunk Skeleton but I'm in a maid costume

    I think I might've just found my waifu. /s
  3. Adventurers Respite [4k]

    Not gonna lie, I thought this was a modded Minecraft screenshot until I saw the screenshots with all of the posed characters.
  4. [4k] A world of color

    And this is relevant to the topic... how?
  5. Neomorph Rig by Arczision

    Five main movies (plus one prequel and two non-canon crossovers) is a lot better than Friday the 13th's eleven, or Nightmare on Elm Street's eight plus one remake.
  6. I Walk This Lonely Road

    I walk alone, I walk alone I walk alone, I walk a, Yes, totally. [shifty eyes intensify]
  7. when the map is just too big.

    False, as a little thing can happen called a "perforated colon".
  8. [Guns] "Bloodhunter" pump-action shotgun

    The scattergun isn't based on any real-life weapon. Plus, there's already a Winchester M1887 in TF2, it's called the Back Scatter. Because it's based on a sawn-off Ithaca M37...?
  9. Happy Birthday! :D

    1. Aronanners


      Thank yooou. c:

  10. happy birthday!!!! xD

    1. Aronanners


      Thanks, mate!

  11. Happy bday second fav admin

    1. Aronanners


      Thanks! I will be everyone's favorite, you'll see~ [takes a thrown brick to the face]

  12. Wappy lappy birthday.

    1. Aronanners


      ...thanky wanky you?

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