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  1. Minecraft Hypixel Bedwars thingy [video]

    Yes it can run Battlefield 1

    Yes its just another video of me playing Bedwars haha
  3. Minecraft Hypixel Bedwars thingy [video]

    hai i have returned again after disappearing forever again
  4. Widowmaker thing

    too much effects id say but its nice
  5. Reinhardt (WIP)

    Probably wont ever finish. Im very lazy.
  6. I must thank @Emunator and @Nimi for helping me get back my account.

    Ill be posting things probably. 

  7. Art? Art.

    Looks fine, not my cup of tea, Keep it up though
  8. It seriously made me happy that after a long time of not rigging smth worthy of a download, I made smth that a few people have used, 

    Made me feel welcomed again

  9. Non-Minecraft Character Template Rig

    I just saw this, and Ill say, this looks great. I srsly love the style Imma try it out when I can
  10. Finding a Toy in the Forest [Wallpaper]

    I like how simple u used it I watched the video up there, and Ill just say, o h g o d my rig isnt really original is it?
  11. Less Minecrafy Character Rig

    it literally looks like you just resized the arms and legs a bit smaller Nice though, its user friendly, but what I made was to have smoother body bends(?) and a bit more torso shape,
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