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Akmal Zonia

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    Some guy who draws
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  1. I admit, I copied TheSociallyAwkwardTurtle 's style of transparent background profile picture

    Im guilty

    1. Mime360 Animations
    2. Skjold


      I did it before y'all so screw off

      Its even a gif.

    3. Akmal Zonia

      Akmal Zonia

      I just realized yours was also transparent after I posted this

  2. MIP Losers

    I aspire to be in that one day
  3. Borderlands 2 is nice

    1. Aronanners


      Indeed it is, who are you playing as?

    2. Akmal Zonia

      Akmal Zonia

      Zer0, just starting UVHM 

      Recently started Krieg for Co-op playthroughs only

      Im gonna play all anyway

    3. Aronanners


      Niiice. I've been meaning to play it again for a while. Might try Gaige, because of the whole 'being able to digistruct freaking CLAWS' thing.

  4. Im loving the new updates, I should look back into Mine-imator
  5. i literally explained it up there, its fine, hes done anyway
  6. Considering the fact noone bothered to give any opinions and ideas I decided to go for it anyway heres a short progress.
  7. Coming soon...

    This seems very interesting I might try using Mine-imator again just for this
  8. Okay, so as some of you probably know my recent work which was Remodeling the Iron Golem into Bastion from Overwatch Now I need opinions if i should make Deathtrap from Borderlands, Skill for Gaige the Mechromancer, DLC character, as the Iron Golem in Minecraft I of course will have to remove the legs, and I fell like this would be a unique and interesting thing to make because of the details and the textures. Anyone got Opinions or Graphical ideas on how to shape him before i start my project?
  9. Herobrine Sighting

    Ah, the good old Herobrine stories Its always so interesting hearing about these
  10. Just hours and hours of free time, took me awhile to get used to the coding wat dat
  11. So I decided to venture into custom mob models using Optifine and ResourcePacks, and made Bastion from Overwatch as an IronGolem. I kept the original shape of the irongolem to still give it that "Iron golemy" feel to him (and im just too lazy to overly remodel it) (A total of 7 Bastion's with all of his Purple Rarity skins) Ganymede included Rooster Ganymede included too I modeled the entire thing manually by code, and made the textures myself, May or may not work on his legendary skins (maybe not. my hands are tired) So yeah Works without optifine, but Recommended with Optifine https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/irongolem-bastion-overwatch-retexture-and-remodel/
  12. Custom Entity Resource pack help

    Its Sildurs Enhanced Default Shaders. Default Minecraft look but with Shadows, plus Cel Shading turned on. I usually use SEUS but since im modeling this piece of crap and viewing it ingame every second, i need clear view (Ik i can just disable shaders but hey, I like the cel shading)
  13. Custom Entity Resource pack help

    Nvm. I ended up learning how to manually code these and its a pain in the butt but its satisfying once its actually in place (2 hours figuring out this one piece and understanding how to texture and resize etc etc)
  14. Wonderful "Coding" outcome0GSvcym.png

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