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  1. Steve Wave Cycle

    Do not forget to pose right arm, both legs and bend the body. The animation also isn't smooth. Use sine transitions. Good try anyways.
  2. Reskinnable Official Character Rig 1.2

    1.2 version released! See the first post for details. Note that the next version probably will be 2.0 - made once Modelbench will be released.
  3. How To Take Models From Mine-imator

    No, there isn't any way to do this. Minecraft model format and Mine-imator model format are working in different way and you can't take models from Mine-imator to Minecraft. Hopefully, 1.1.0 and Modelbench are going to be able to import models from newer Minecraft versions, but it still does not mean that you can just copy a rig from Mine-imator to Minecraft. On the other side, there is Obsidian Animator that is the mod for Minecraft that supports animations. When that mod will be able to import models from Blender, there's straight road to find some player rigs for Blender, ask for permissions (or just do rig yourself) and import the rig. But from Mine-imator currently this is not possible.
  4. Sword Swing Keyframes

    I made movement more exaggerated. Is it better? http://www34.zippyshare.com/v/NWAlwvno/file.html
  5. Cobalt 4.0

    Now the rig works properly. You get a (+).
  6. New Rig

    So I did the pic: From me: The rig is very good! 10/10 Also remember to don't fail and give +1 rep to the author of the rig, not to me
  7. I don't know why after I registered onto the forums many people from Poland also registered onto the forums...

    [knows it's too few for a status update but feels no choice when accidentaly posted it too early, without ability to delete it]

  8. Sword Swing Keyframes

    I posted some time ago this: Lastly, I decided to share it because there currently isn't any sword swing animation preset. It's formality, but here's preview: Because there are many circumstances of the sword swings, you can modify the keyframes (and the swing) as you want. But please, credit me if used in anything (like everything I create). Now only download remains. >>> http://www86.zippyshare.com/v/t16bGaau/file.html <<<
  9. Cobalt 2.0 plus Nutella Cobalt 2.0

    After unpacking and loading in Mine-imator 1.1.0 pre-release the rig seems disintegrated. Is it for Community Build? If so, please export it selecting the 1.0.6 version to look good everywhere. Especially that Community Build is canceled and no longer supported. Also, I see you didn't credit Nimi for mouth rig. (Even in the name of the object.)
  10. Save Bug

    Open the Mine-imator folder. Go to Projects folder. Find name of the project (you should remember what it was, it's the name that you write when creating new project). Delete the project file (name.miproject). Find the recent backup file (name.mbackup1). Change the extension from *.mbackup1 to *.miproject. Open the project in Mine-imator. You should have at least some work back
  11. In Minecraft: In Mine-imator: It doesn't need further description.
  12. uable to use other languages

    It is able, but unfortunately language file syntax changed a lot and the only solution is re-translation. Open the default language file in Notepad and you'll see the changes.
  13. I was exploring around the random Minecraft world for an inspiration to wallpaper/animation when I saw this:


    The pyramid in village, buried into ground and generated in the farmland. Extremely rare.

    But I didn't saw any inspiration in that so I'm going on the further exploration. Maybe I'll start one animation once I get the inspiration and write the script. :)

    Seed: -1841006046544001638

  14. Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    I noticed when I change language to other than English, close the program and re-open it again the language turns back into English.
  15. [WallPaper]Waiting For You

    Very good, I don't see any problems nor errors. Go on, you have the BIG chance to be one of the better animators/wallpaper makers in the community. ∞/10
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