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  1. AM4C[Assault rifle rig]

    Yeah... i designed that rifle rig based on M4
  2. Bradly miller MX3[Cyberpunk character rig] :3
  3. Elaina XM135 [Cyberpunk character rig]

    Thx :3
  4. Elaina XM135 [Cyberpunk character rig]

    Thx :3
  5. Introduce yourself!

    Greetings, everyone I'm imperiel puer, maybe i started forum about 1 week ago But i started mine imator pretty long time... Maybe 1year ago?..? I'm thanks to mine imator beacasue it turned my imagination into wallpaper/cartoons I like cyperpunk, so i making wallpaper/rig/cartoon about cyberpunk I'm highschool student in Korea Then i have not much time to making those things :/
  6. 7EP[OC]

    Thx :3
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