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  1. Reducing lag in Mine-imator 1.0.0 Betas

    I have an 8g computer and I m still super slow
  2. hunger games flat part 2

    how did you do the reflective sword
  3. Pig_Rider.mp4

    lol this is HILARIOUS
  4. Mine-Imator Doesn't Suck Anymore 2 [Collab]

  5. Axe Rig

    Thats fine I just started anyway give me a little time and Ill be done with my page
  6. Axe Rig

    ok cool! but I would suggest using gimp. its a cool free photo editor btw plz follow me I am not doing to hot on "subscribers". lol Ill send you a texture for a rig if you need me to. im an artist so I can make textures and rigs fairly easy if you need any help.
  7. Axe Rig

    That's pretty cool. though, the blade is a little sloppy. I suggest making a texture for it in say GIMP or AP to give a better mine crafty texture. other than that its a pretty cool rig.
  8. "Josh.mp4" - My last Mine-Imator Animation. Ever.

    OMG pause at 49 seconds!
  9. Decay | Realistic 4K Wallpaper

    OMg it looks soooooooo much like silent school!!!!!!!!
  10. The Minecraft Tournament

    Its better than i could do lol
  11. Where is your map for the final battle animation. I've been dying to do a skywars animation :)

    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. Pilotdestroyer6420


      OH OK. If I get annoying just ask because I feel bad for asking you so much


      Just a question but can mineimator even open Level data

    3. AnxiousCynic


      I really have no idea how it operates, just that it brings in scenery/builds, etc.

    4. Pilotdestroyer6420


      I found Out how to do it and am looking forward to sending the finished copy to you, if of  course you would not mind critiquing it. And I promise last set of questions because I feel guilty for asking so much. Can you make an Item like a sword reflective or is that not possible yet?

      never mind let me test something first


  12. This is great and all but how do you do it with Items
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