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  1. Hello. Tried installing Mine-imator after refreshing my computer and deleting my files. Don't know what happen because this never ever happened before. Mine-imator reported "Some shaders failed to compile. Your graphics drivers are outdated or DirectX runtime is missing. Download DirectX runtime now? [Yes] [No]" Never happened to me before. Also I could not install newer graphics drivers because there was some error each time I've attempted to install it. I have an Asus laptop [x550ZA] with the OS Windows 8.1. I couldn't find the graphics card, but I have an AMD A10-7400P Radeon R6. I've also tried to install DirectX Runtime but it has failed also. Thank you everyone who've taken this to consideration and tried/tries to help me. Like I've said also, I've never experienced this before after installing Mine-imator several times in the past. Here is the log: If the issue concerns a specific animation, upload its folder as a .zip. 4:13:46 PM version: 1.0.6 4:13:46 PM gm_version: 1.4.1749 4:13:46 PM build date: 3/12/2016 8:10:39 AM 4:13:46 PM YYC: yes 4:13:46 PM working_directory: C:\Users\TylerLogin\Mine-imator\ 4:13:46 PM file_directory: C:\Users\TylerLogin\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\ 4:13:46 PM OS: Windows 4:13:46 PM os_version: 393218 4:13:46 PM os_is_network_connected: yes 4:13:46 PM os_get_language: en 4:13:46 PM os_get_region: US 4:13:46 PM USERDOMAIN: tylerslaptop 4:13:46 PM USERNAME: TylerLogin 4:13:46 PM USERPROFILE: C:\Users\TylerLogin 4:13:46 PM APPDATA: C:\Users\TylerLogin\AppData\Roaming 4:13:46 PM NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS: 4 4:13:46 PM PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE: x86 4:13:46 PM PROCESSOR_IDENTFIER: 4:13:46 PM PROCESSOR_LEVEL: 21 4:13:46 PM PROCESSOR_REVISION: 3001 4:13:46 PM video_adapter_0_name: AMD Radeon(TM) R6 Graphics 4:13:46 PM video_adapter_0_driver_version_high: 524305 4:13:46 PM video_adapter_0_device_name: \\.\DISPLAY1 4:13:46 PM video_adapter_0_driver_version_low: 656627 4:13:46 PM Old log found 4:13:46 PM Library init 4:13:46 PM Data\file.dll 4:13:46 PM Data\movie.dll 4:13:46 PM Movie init 4:13:46 PM Data\window.dll 4:13:46 PM Data\texture.dll 4:13:46 PM Texture init 4:13:47 PM working_directory: C:\Users\TylerLogin\Mine-imator\ 4:13:47 PM Trying to save files 4:13:47 PM surface_save OK 4:13:47 PM texture_create OK 4:13:47 PM file_delete_lib OK 4:13:47 PM Shader init 4:13:47 PM shaders_are_supported: yes 4:13:47 PM shader_high_ssao_blur compiled: no 4:13:47 PM Shader compilation failed 4:13:47 PM Download DirectX runtime: 4:13:48 PM open_url:
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