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  1. Axe Rig

  2. Axe Rig

    Sorry, I don't follow people who don't create content I like. Plus you haven't created content from what I can see, so I can't judge whether or not I like your content. Sorry.
  3. Axe Rig

    Thanks! And I did, I do it in The reason the blade is messed up is because I messed up with the sizes when making it, so it kind of screwed up.
  4. Graveyard [2K]

    That's why. Look it up on the internet. That's kind of what it's for. Also great wallpaper Cube guy!
  5. Graveyard [2K]

    hes in Mine-imator. You're trying to find out for C4D? Look it up.
  6. Axe Rig

    Incase you couldn't see it, And download: Click me if you want all the chicks!
  7. Look at this graph

  8. Best Friends

    1. In my opinion it is cringey. 2. The way they are looking at each other is cringey, TO ME. 3. That's how. I-i know. I'm trying to sound funneh
  9. Best Friends

    Hah GAY anyways, looks great. Kind of cringey, the way they're looking at each other.
  10. Rushed Sword

    No my job is YouTube. Which I am doing. But my family was rushing me to go somewhere, and I wanted to have something finished. I wouldn't done it after but we had gotten home, at like 11pm, I would've forgotten in the morning, and yeah. lel
  11. I can help you with fame!

    Nobodies gonna take this seriously. It seems like a scam. Like, all over. Plus, it's not hard to be good on YouTube. Just treat it as a job. Not something you can do whenever you get bored.
  12. Running Test

    Hey so I made this about a week ago, not sure if I shared it here yet. But yeah, Tan James' running tutorial video is what this is from. I watched it and it's pretty good looking. Idk, judge for yourselfs!
  13. that steve become a crab

    Oh goodness ._.
  14. Night in the Woods RIG PACK [W.I.P]

  15. Rushed Sword

    Meh like I said, rushed it. Didn't have time to make it perfect.
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