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  1. Soooo tell me, why do my chest backs up everytime I see another negative reputations?

  2. My house now. :v
  3. And so I said... "KNIFE TO MEET YOU! :D", it was a very clever pun xD

    Guy: You stabbed my brother! We gotta call da ambulance D:
    Stabbed guy: Don't worry, i'm in "STABle" condition.

    Me: <(ovo<)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. iiExynus


      Oh, you got me. xD

    3. Upgraded Moon

      Upgraded Moon

      We will not have this tomfoolery in my house

    4. iiExynus


      Uh, okay?

  4. Omg, I was gonna say "I messed up with the blur part" ;-; Sorry that I blurred the part of the iron blocks below the torch.
  5. Hi @HeYoNia, I spiced it up for a little bit. Hope you enjoyed it .3. Program used: paint.net
  6. tell me who waers da red flanneal i m cfonused
  7. If you only have any idea how long it takes me to understand what are they doing in this photo.
  8. Can you search up "Gta PCJ-600"?
  9. Motorcycle
  10. You guys can now drop the act. Look guys, it's just my wallpaper, and I never meant to make a cringy and not so scary photo.
  11. I was gonna make it like the mobs cornered Steve, but I realized that I can use glow effects, so... I wanna try the glow effects pls ;-;
  12. It's just that it's my first time to join such challenges.
  13. I don't really got what you meant but does it mean that my work is cringy? My bad.
  14. Uh, what was that supposed to be? Can you zoom it out?
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