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  1. F.N.A.F map of sister location

    cool it look's like the real thing just more blocky .w.
  2. Ink Bendy Rig

    well i just uploaded boris so you can have that rig
  3. boris.. again

    if you can remember my first rig was a Boris but it wasent good so here's the newer version i made .w. download V
  4. Ink Bendy Rig

    well im sorry but people cept getting mad at me cause of it but im still gonna release the new Boris rig
  5. Ink Bendy Rig

    ive sadly had to remove the download link caus of peple getting mad at me about the rig
  6. Ink Bendy Rig

    if you dident like them then why did you add them..
  7. Ink Bendy Rig

  8. Ink Bendy Rig

    i woud but then the head woud loose it's shape
  9. Ink Bendy Rig

    i got bored and since my last batim rig was based from the ingame model i decided to continue and make this .w. [Rig V] enjoy =p the updated boris will be comming out one day btw
  10. [BatiM] Boris the Wolf

    is it bad that i made a rig like this but it was based from the ingame one?
  11. it's me

    ok ive remade the rig but the face rig's is a bit odd
  12. it's me

  13. it's me

    as you can tell it's just me.. [download \/] =p
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