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  1. I just want a team for an animation of a gunfight. I have been procrastinating for too long. So if you wanna help join this discord! HCzTwmZ And I hope this works out.
  2. This here is a quick wallpaper I made of well...@Quickstreak. I know he's gonna come here and badmouth it but hey I don't care lol. Go check out his content!
  3. That's just the format I used. It's actually a lot bigger.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BxBs4f4RIU Sound of da police! WOOP WOOP!
  5. Thanks I really need that.
  6. I don't really care about the difficulty of the goal. Goals can help you advance and learn things you haven't known.
  7. Holy crap! 10 rep already? I'm gonna make a goal. That goal is that we hit 20 rep within the end of the week! Thank you all for supporting me with this. -Tardic
  8. Lol, I like emphasis. I mean a wallpaper then. Sorry if I was misleading.
  9. This was all made by me. I had no help.
  10. Well. you never know until you try. That is exactly how he got his nickname. You will see how it affects him in the future. And Minecraft isn't that realistic. lol To be honest. I did this. I like it. I make things shorter so I can't bore the crap out of you all.
  11. Yes sir he did matter of fact. This is just a condensed version of the backstories.I didn't want to bore the crap out of everyone.
  12. well...it depends on what you mean by mute. I mean "never talks" as in always silent
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