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  1. Needed System

    Heya guys so i still can't use mine imator maybe i need some needed system so can you guys give me link to all needed?
  2. Ask the Artist

    What is your favorite pokemon?
  3. Runtime Error C++

    Really it's not will break my dad computer right? wait you just give me the Visual C++ i have it on my dad computer he installed it
  4. Runtime Error C++

    Well can you give me the proper framework link? if the Visual C++ it installed
  5. Runtime Error C++

    i have try it but still can't but my dad can open it once then it runtime error again ;-;
  6. Runtime Error C++

    I run it as administrator and in my old laptop i can open it but in my dad laptop can't here is the log:
  7. So guys i use my dad laptop and i have downloaded mine imator but when i download it runtime error then my dad can open then i try again still can't my dad too i delete the file on %appdata% too but still how to fix it
  8. WTF is wrong with my textures (1.1.0)

    Maybe delete the file of mine imator then reinstall it could be fixed
  9. Undertale Type Movements

    How do i edit it? is just edit the movement?
  10. photoshop test...

    Oh yeah anyway the background is black but it got invisible
  11. Something

    Ok i will find that i need but the window movie maker is always lag and crash ;-; even for a school work
  12. Something

    Heya guys so what program that used for editing mine imator animation beause when i watch some video it have a YT video on they animation so is there any tutorial and app for do that?????
  13. How to scale arm?

  14. Mine-imator | Undertale Disbelief Rig! [Updated]

    It's because he remove the download and make the download Very very very SOON
  15. F.N.A.F

    Me too :V
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