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  1. Black Crescent Official [Rig Release]

    If you call the people here to give you criticism and make your rigs better "haters" then why did you even post it. I mean I could just download it and then criticize it if I wanted to...
  2. 3D Crafting Table

    It looks good, but the 3d on the tools is too subtle, I mean they are supposed to be tools. good job tho
  3. L Death Note (RENDER)

    this was made it MI??? holy crap
  4. The Eye of Cthulhu

    I like how he's fighting the eye of cthulu, finally after he got the terra blade
  5. Forsake Wallpapers

    this looks like some good amine
  6. This is Halloween Collab parts

    oh thanks
  7. This is Halloween Collab parts

    Do we send you the mp4 with the music, or a youtube video with music, or without music?
  8. This is Halloween Collab parts

    Can i have part 4???
  9. Some Cinema 4D render by me

    Oh i thought it was the anishwij rig but cool anyways
  10. Some Cinema 4D render by me

    Great job with that new rig man.
  11. Humble Homestead

    I like the grass
  12. mountain ruler

    Awesome editing! I was expecting the lord of the mountain from breath of the wild I'm playing this game too much send help
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