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  1. My Dog Named "Bumper" Has Gotten Very, Uncomfortable. I Heard My Mom Say That We Have To Put Him Down. I Don't Give Much Personal Info, But This Dog Has Been With Me For As Long As I Can Remember. When The Time Comes, May You Sleep In Peace Bumps...
  2. Oh boi you really worth with the "Negative to Positive" award, congrat :D

  3. np
  4. MOAR Stuff Includes: -Butterfly Knife -Electro-Sapper -Disguse Kit -Revolver -Spy Mask ...AND YOUR MOTHER! Download Here!
  5. Hey! I'm Back This Time... Its A TF2 Rig! Includes: -Shotgun -Pistol -Wrench -Construction PDA -Destruction PDA -Hard Hat -Toolbox DOWNLOAD HERE! I FORGOT :\
  6. which i mean i've seen better fingers
  7. Heyyyy..... That Pretty Good
  8. this is against the rules. you can't update someone else's work
  9. i learned being a little baby complaining the hard way by getting -86 rep, i stopped complaining, and TOOK TIME to make rigs, so I'm almost at 100+ rep. so i recommend not to be a complaining baby and learn to deal with hate, heck, it's NOT even hate! its constructive criticism. plus, where the fingers?
  10. but... did ya make it your self?
  13. i made one already
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