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  1. idk what it is but it took me a day, and yes, when you do download it, THE BACK SIDE IS UGLY Download Here
  2. sans_battle_by_thelifelord-d9l5ozu.gif*megalovania intensifies*

    1. spectral


      I just noticed but you've won one day? God.. I need to post more content. I won 0 days.

    2. SGMB_Boyd


      Afbeeldingsresultaat voor sans gif*MOGOLOVONIO_INTENSIFIES*

  3. i did
  4. Why Are There No Alphys Rigs? WHERE ARE THEY??? well, that answer will be solved soon...




    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ThatRobloxerGamerYT


      lol that what it looks like

    3. SGMB_Boyd


      I'm going to make alphys 2 but first I have to finish an other rig

    4. ThatRobloxerGamerYT
  5. 1h for this ?

    i dont usually look at locations :T
  6. 1h for this ?

    how was i supposed to know.
  7. np
  8. nice
  9. no they are not. theres more than one body/face on each one wow i legit never noticed that, im not trying to be sarcastic, it just sounds like it
  10. yea..
  11. welp, here's my amalgamate rig pack: -Endogeny -Snowdrake's Mother -Memoryhead -Lemon Bread (i wuz lazy lul) -Reaper Bird (UPDATE) Download Here
  12. 1h for this ?

  13. this is was i was planning to do exactly this except for the stem. guess someone got o it first.
  14. its not easy to make sans in minecraft
  15. did you not read "to make PERFECTION."?
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