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  1. Its Been Long, But Anyway I Made A Twitter Account Here

  2. As You May Notice, I Have A New Profile Pic.

    But It Wasnt Made By Me, It Was Given To Me By Roosara

    1. EthanForeverAlone


      Why Are You Talking Like This? It Is Very Annoying.

  3. My Dog's End.

    My Dog Named "Bumper" Has Gotten Very, Uncomfortable. I Heard My Mom Say That We Have To Put Him Down. I Don't Give Much Personal Info, But This Dog Has Been With Me For As Long As I Can Remember. When The Time Comes, May You Sleep In Peace Bumps... RIP: Has Been Put Down.
  4. UovTBNy.png


    latest?cb=20160615045453OH BOI!

  5. Oh boi you really worth with the "Negative to Positive" award, congrat :D

  6. TF2 Spy Items

  7. TF2 Spy Items

    MOAR Stuff Includes: -Butterfly Knife -Electro-Sapper -Disguse Kit -Revolver -Spy Mask ...AND YOUR MOTHER! Download Here!
  8. TF2 Engineer Items

    Hey! I'm Back This Time... Its A TF2 Rig! Includes: -Shotgun -Pistol -Wrench -Construction PDA -Destruction PDA -Hard Hat -Toolbox DOWNLOAD HERE! I FORGOT :\
  9. Human Rig V2

    which i mean i've seen better fingers

    Heyyyy..... That Pretty Good
  11. upgrade and new characters for the mcsm rig

    this is against the rules. you can't update someone else's work
  12. Human Rig!

  13. Human Rig!

    i learned being a little baby complaining the hard way by getting -86 rep, i stopped complaining, and TOOK TIME to make rigs, so I'm almost at 100+ rep. so i recommend not to be a complaining baby and learn to deal with hate, heck, it's NOT even hate! its constructive criticism. plus, where the fingers?
  14. Human Rig!

    but... did ya make it your self?
  15. Wolf Tail Rig

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