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  1. colleb

    im sorry but i have no time, so count me as out
  2. Boi you can make it to Devil Incarnate!
    Just don't quit! And unlock new negative titles for us!

  3. Like I said, took me a day. for ALL 3 endings? yep i did ALL 3 in a week
  4. seriously took you a year to finish it took a WEEK, not a year Ontopic: are you serious???? It took you THAT long? it takes others 3 weeks to finish the game
  5. -59 rep.


    I have never seen that ever in my life.


    thus that makes you special.

    1. Square789


      I guess you haven't seen this guy yet.

    2. Minecraftvinnyq



  6. well a weeks work really pays of to see all of the characters happily on the surface, im going to NEVER use the "True Reset" button. the ending almost made me cry
  7. I'm amazed that you haven't quit the MI forums and try to keep posting content even though no one likes your content. What a motivated man.

    1. HeYoNia


      He's not giving up. I like it! *Not being sarcastic im being sincere*

  8. btw atleast is not a featureless still rig
  9. maybe the features.
  10. im am speechless. i have wasted 4 hours of my life. working on this... "crap". no. it feels like you are judging the look. TRIGGERED
  11. This Is My First Rig! Hope You Like It! Plus An Image! Here's The Download
  12. in Undertale, the sprites can detach the body plus head
  13. Took me an Hour, not the actual animation, the rendering. Download:
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