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  1. which name is good(for some apocolypitc comic thing ?) "New Era of Exticntion" or "No Hope in Hell" i dont know which one i gonna choose

  2. MP5K Rig [HD Textures]

    NOICE! Rig SIR!
  3. Old Projects

    well Half of them but i also lack of time to create some
  4. Old Projects

    HammerFist Rig[Prototype] Status:Canceled,Due to any problems My Old Rigs that canceled due to problems and Reasons :/
  5. Just Playing W.O.T ._. And watching Movies


    1. Dr. Cuto

      Dr. Cuto

      You have Panther?

      Sherman, or any OP tank?

    2. Dark Animation
  6. Random stuff 2

    Its been long time i doest use Skin
  7. No Hope In Hell:The Deadzone

    thank you M8
  8. No Hope In Hell:The Deadzone

    just a boredom wallpaper
  9. Random Stuff

    http://imgur.com/a/wSCBf Just Random Pics.
  10. The Town [2k]

    can i..have the map or if not its ok
  11. "Dragon Slayer"

    THE DOVAKIN nice m8
  12. planning to remake all my old wallpaper that i post...

    or just Watching H~

    i mean anime


  13. Operation:Sands Storm

    Just bored this day [-_-]...
  14. OVERLORD Tank

    thats a Red alert tank(i also forgot the name) but its far on OVERLORD tank and this the one i copy
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