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  1. recquest for war of the worlds musical rig

    I might see if I can try and make one when I'm done with school. It may take some time though.
  2. overwatch bastion

    I wanna Bastion! >X'D lololol
  3. Octoling Rig

    lol reading through the comments made my day. >X'D
  4. My best WPP ever

    Bad call m8.
  5. Attack On Titan 3D Manuveur Rig + Sword

    Umm... It's all over the place. How do I get it to where it looks normal? It's like... Scaled to unknown dimensions. :/
  6. Laptop

    Thanks m8!
  7. Attack On Titan 3D Manuveur Rig + Sword

    I firkin KNEW There would be some Attack On Titan stuff!!!! -insert insane laugh here-
  8. [Rig] Ender's Female Rig

    So funny! Prime plays BasketBall now.
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