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  1. NVM found it
  2. Maybe... in? Boi I have ton of project to do so yeah... maybe I can still join Give me the harlem shake sound effect
  3. My part is near the last ;-;
  4. Fix your grammar dude Anyway too much bloom
  5. Ba dum CRASH!
  6. Anyway, you learned how to use textures so.... +1 rep
  7. Wow... Another schematic rig
  8. That sunlight on the Edited one is killing my eyes!
  9. No problem at all! Now try to 2k!
  10. Ok good
  11. Thanks
  12. Don't use dead Internet phenomena (like Dab) No fad No TattleTail No Pointless topic No Clickbait No racist Don't adverting your post in another post Don't start a collab if you have under 200 reps Don't post any sexual content Don't use fad profile pic Don't abuse everyone Never use Linear Transition My opinions
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