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    monsters are people. Not mindless mobs.
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  1. Same thing I got as well.
  2. hair shaped like twinkies.
  3. okay rig. but needs more work. for example here's mine!(totally not advertising my rigs.)
  4. ya! ur getting popular m8.
  5. springbonnie

    Fun-fact. Minecraft was considered a fad a couple of times throughout the 8 years it was released... we we are worshipping a fad as well.
  6. Well can you at least give us the rules? it would probably be rated +18 if there isn't.
  7. M-Morty! What have y-*burp* you done?! Morty. Don't give m-my portal gun to anything but me! Me me. Not the other me's...
  8. Who knew the new 1.12 parrots could be so complicated...
  9. Lego marvel superheroes 2 has been announced...



    it will have a hell ton more options than the last Lego games...



    (telltale game choices anybody?? ;))

  10. me 2 pls,
  11. Don't ya just hate it when your blocky body bleeds a lot of realistic blood? btw cool wallpaper!
  12. @Dannyboi, now you need to sing the boov death song as loud as you can
  13. Congrats on 10000 rep Ethan!


    for that I give u dis edited rig of @Tempus's Minecraft Story Mode Rig for u to download!(got permission)


    Even tho u probably don't like MCST,doesn't matter I made this bra.


    it has all the same features like the original rig!(other than new shoe objects and heavy Eyelids)

    Here's the download for it: http://www.mediafire.com/file/486qygq3xcbvv24/MCST_Ethan.zip

    and here's the link for the original rig pack if didn't know this.

    pls notice me senpai

  14. Boov death song would be very convenient right about now....
  15. So I have been thinking about the term "Fad".....

    And minecraft had some "hyped moments" during the past 8 years....


    does that mean minecraft once was a fad and we have praised it like its our king unlike Any other fads???...if so.


    im getting brain damage.

    1. Mobdestoryer


      I never thought of it that way...

    2. lifecraft


      0_0, MY GOD!


      Image result for ahhhhhh face

    3. Zeno


      Tbh a lot of people on here don't even play any more.

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