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  1. im trying out new lighting! i see that the text is rather *cough* stupid *cough* but i need tips on lighting and other things and i may remind you that is a test, im fooling around with stuff...such as the pork on alex's face
  2. *cough* i-i-im *sneez* allergic t-t-o *cough* flatlands *ahcoos*
  3. ....wait what!.........................damn yu good
  4. man those life animations...the crying and blood in the 8 year old minecraft fan breeding ground

    1. hiendiep55


      I still hate Life Animation it's too much and the thumbnail was awful

  5. zambies.....i spelt it lik dat on pur-puss
  6. tips and that stuff is all-ways helpfull!
  7. ............
  8. what happens when you hit 10,000 almost scared!

    1. Nakoju


      He explodes into EthanForeverRich and becomes the most vintagealicious average man in the forums.

    2. Colonel Muffin

      Colonel Muffin

      He turns into EthanTheEvenMoreForeverAlone.

  9. ok i got a few things to say...] 1. flatlands more buildings and (Ex: trees hills0 anything but flatlands 2. the animation is kinda....bland....makes the helios rotors go faster and add more movement to the soliders not just there legs 3lighting needs some work 4. posing is ok 5. turn down the bloom a bit 6. the soliders should move there heads and bodys and arms when running thats it, other then that your pretty good keep it up!
  10. 1. flatlands.... 2. something about glowing eyes i like but it's not somthing that eyes do 3. ..........flat.....lands 4. why do they look like there freaking out of glowstone 5. Flaty Lands 6. the glowstone is kinda hard to look at other then *studder* flatlands....this is good keep it up!
  11. what code are you using, lua? some other code?
  12. work on your lighting try to put more building in or trees i can see flatlands behind the box i have learned about flatlands before...i know........ i would also use denviart, imgur is good but the imgur on the photo takes the feeling away from it and your poses.try blending the legs a bit and move them apart
  13. ADVISE! heh ok one try to use or photoshop both work well for this stuff rigs are 3D items THIS IS JUST A ITEM..... you just added to the texture of a normal sword learn how to rig and texture first before posting
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