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    when usa and korea go to war, you know were to find me
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    why was he banned? i would like to know......he seemed hated...

    1. Dannyboi



      Swearing was the last straw and he was deemed a lost cause.

    2. IamDyslexic


      i feel bad for him, and his channel....

  2. its black and its eyes are glowing
  3. i think it looks cool anyway i have said before i cant load in world my intel sucks and wont run minecraft
  4. damn! should have put that in...thanks anyway... posing: im not trying to make them look like there scared or in a fighting pose just kinda calm and ready moon: forgot about it there tool: it adds a mood to the picture i think(im not one for going super real like)
  5. love it! i love how the sum kinda blinds the two towers a little and the lens flare adds a bit of happy-ness to it! keep it up! UpVote
  6. awesome lad!
  7. i think im posting too much like i said last time i still used bloom but turned it down a "notch"(kill me)
  8. yes im running out of skins is that a complement?
  9. yes...i noted that way before you posted here.....
  10. life animation warning

    ha.........ha......*shoots self, brain matter spats on walls*
  11. that teacher got fired for going psycho on a kid, and she lives under me *heart broken*
  12. life animation warning

    seach up "three point lighting" or add a point/spot light for the moon that should light it up
  13. im not letting it pass cuz of your rep, i found it funny, you "caring arsehole".....(that was a joke btw) and tips or anything i said above?
  14. thanks ethan, oh! btw! "if you just want to comment about random stuff there are chats for that or comment about somthing else" but im gonna let that pass becuz you have more rep then david, david is the god of this site so i dont want to know what that makes you.....
  15. as i said before tips and what not are welcome if you just want to comment about random stuff there are chats for that or comment about somthing else bloom is awesome am i right or am i right lads
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