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  1. 1. learn how to do "proper" lighting 2. god i hate flatlands... 3. learn how to keyframe and use transitions 4. watch tutorials on 1 and 3 5. whats with the rain? 6. i dont see a torch.. so there should be no light (dim moonlight, enough you can see) 7. get rid of that logo 8. camera movements so yea work on like.....everything
  2. iv died again and im back....lost motive to do anything...

  3. I wanted to introduce myself

    ok so yes Hi, so please get rid of the watermark you dont have to donate, and watch some lighing and posing tutorials, other than that pretty good!
  4. Idiot dies while using FL Studio

    not bad! (man it take me months just to get a tune)
  5. Customizable Furry/Anthro Rig [WOLF] god.....what has my fandom created..... Now you can create weird minecraft block, flat face wolf fursonas! end my life......please i beg you, im blind and melted.....god help us (its ok.....just those faces man, the faces)
  6. First Mine-imator work

    ok first light watch some lighting videos, second posing needs work but is ok. Ex zombie needs more posing Ex also, this is minecraft, zombies burn in daylight! but for a first time pretty good!
  7. Wallpper #2

    posing, spread the legs a bit and open the arms (man, thats sounds wrong, spread those leg, spread em!)
  8. Fighting Practice

    offtopic: go argue somewhere else.... ontopic: its not bad! i like the toony affects as well!
  9. Snow [2K]

    Man your wallpapers are always good!
  10. Chicken Life >:D

    i was making fun of life animations, i wanted to piss kids not making a life series
  11. so...any teams that are open?, and how do you fix that project saving bug again? where it just wont open project and go to a browse like menu and keep saying "project saved"

  12. Chicken Life >:D

    heh like always tips and criticism is always welcome yes i was bored and wanted to make people mad on youtube
  13. NOPE NOPE NOPE did you get that lighting to look so good 10/10 man!
  14. Mine Imator Random Animation 1

    well, its looks pretty smooth, the lighting is good, but the sounds.....the doors opening(breaking) sound was a little off, the constant horse sounds, i think this test could have done without the horse noises....but other then that its pretty good!
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