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  1. Haha, everyone makes mistakes.
  2. Probably a Peace & Happy Music?.
  3. You shouldn't rush a Wallpaper, it takes patience to make an art.
  4. "Feel Warm"

    Nahh I gave up 3 weeks ago.
  5. "Feel Warm"

    Im gonna give up making wallpapers now.
  6. The posing is stiff And the lighting is bland And the lens flare doesn't fit the wallpaper or the position of the camera Try watching some more tutorials and you'll do better.
  7. From the sky [Collab]

    I tried making one last last last last last month but I lost the Proj file since my PC deleted MI.
  8. The Mob is Behind of...

    Where is the light coming from.
  9. Leshen Rig

    Crud thats good.
  10. "BattleField"

    Wow, look at that logic right there!.
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